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85: Right in the shpadoinkle!
Right in the shpadoinkle!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey ho everyone. In lieu of a double update, I've instead done something a lot more useful. I've shut down the Update log, and instead attached each newspost to the relevent comics. I was going to do this from the beginning, but didn't know what I was going to do for double updates. If you'll look at this one, you can see how I overcame that particular hurdle. Reading from TO THE JESUSMOBILE!!!, you can read each comic's newspost without having to check the now defunct log. Don't even ASK how long it took. And don't thank me either. Money and women will do just fine. Moving on....The Meet the Cast page has been updated to include Sancho, and some modifications to the FAQ, including the often asked question "Why are Nat's breasts so big?". Today's strip features, due to popular demand, Sancho kicking Thanatos in the balls! I don't know why, but the whole bojangles incident has gotten the most favourable feedback I've ever seen. It must be something in everyone's upbringing to love seeing guys get kicked in the family jewels. Leave your thoughts on the issue in The Forum. Shpadoinkle is from the kickass Trey Parker movie Cannibal! The Musical. Check it out. It's good.
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