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96: I couldn't think of anything. So sue me
I couldn't think of anything. So sue me

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Blahhh....I have a whole bunch of comic ideas ready to be drawn up, but I can't be bothered doing them right now. Had uni orientation today, and a loooot of walking. Damn sun with its natural sunlight. My eyes, being unused to the deadly rays, fried immediately, and other than that, I'm too lazy to continue making up anything else. That's how lazy I am feeling right now. Maybe there'll be another comic tomorrow. Anyhoo, this is about a) being lazy, and b) the fact that people assume I can spontaneously be funny. Both of them are true, but b isn't true when I'm put on the spot. If you just walk up to me and say 'Say something funny!' it just ain't gonna happen. What am I? A performing monkey? I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!....okay, sorry. I just wanted to say that. Heh. Well, I was just thinking how I haven't offended any Christians in a while, so today's bizarre linkage is.....Proof that Noah's Ark didn't exist. I know, it's been done before, but I still find it funny that "scientists" still try and say that the bible account was the literal truth. Nobody has been to The Forum lately. C'mon peoples, it's just ripe and waiting for crazy comments. There's a new donation button on the main page (look at it. It involves oral sex), and mad props to DWTSamusAran7 for linking to us at Shtank Interactive as well as hosting various images for me. Check out his page 'o craziness. Talking about various images, GoonCam is up and running, thanks to Joe from Dpad, and Bryce (aka Samus) at Shtank. The image is also on page 3 of the Dpad cams page. Join the revolution! It's actually quite a feat that I'm on a cams page, seeing as I don't own a cam, or have a tendancy to scan pictures of myself into the computer. But I'm sure I'll find enough entertaining things to fill the cam with. Well, I'm off once more. Remember to vote daily at the Gamer's Choice Top 25 and Top Web Comics 150
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