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97: I don't remember that...
I don't remember that...

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Well well well. This strip is number 97, only 3 more till strip 100, and only a week and a half till the one year anniversary. Looked like that flood of updates payed off. Well, today's strip is essentially a recap of my favourite moments throughout the history of the strip. I chose to replace the original panel 4 (drunken wedding speech) with the perennial favourite, 'bojangles'. In any case it all worked out rather well, and I had each character give their own favourite moments. Well, besides Wang, and Jesusman....and Violent Bob, but he hasn't been seen since the new art style, so no biggie. Does anyone else find 'hot, nasty animal sex' inexpicably funny, or is it just me? And for anyone else outside of Australia, John Howard is our incompetant Prime Minister who bears a disturbing speech impediment and a very close similarity to Mr Sheen, except you wouldn't want him in your house.Come on people, leave stuff in The Forum will ya? It's been stagnating lately. If you're worried about the slew of popup ads, then get the hyper-1337 popup stopper from It's so good I actually reccomend it to other people. Remember to donate oral sex ,and vote for us every day at the Gamer's Choice Top 25 and Top Web Comics 150. The GoonCam is up and running, thanks to Joe from Dpad, and Bryce (aka Samus) at Shtank Interactive. The image is also on page 3 of the Dpad cams page. Now does everyone know what time it is? No, not tool time, it's Bizarre Linkage time! Today's bizarre linkage is Unusual Celebrity Deaths Trivia. That's right. If you were famous and died in an odd way, you're on this list. Check it out. For those that are interested, Panel 2 is referring to GST THIS!, the second ever Bigger Than Cheeses comic in the list (placing it in the oldsk00l archive), and the one I actually drew first (I decided to make the pope one first, as it would have a better chance of standing the ravages of time). Panel 3 is referring to Upside down antics....part 2!, before I redid Nat's art. Man she looks weird. So does Duke...Thanatos is pretty much the same. Panel 4 is quite obviously Right in the bogangles!. And panel 5 is from the XXX rated Bigger Than Cheeses book coming out when hells minions walk the earth and the Catholic church admits it was wrong about everything. Well, Uni is starting on Monday, which means I will be pretty occupied, so if you don't see any updates for a while, you'll know why. But trust me, I've got something special done up for the first year anniversary.
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<Tony> Drive Life: 10,000 cartridge insertion and removals
<Tony> I wonder if women last that long
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