I'm sure all of you have come across the steaming pile of s***t "cleverly" named BIGGER THAN CHEESES. First of all, it's not clever at all, the jerk just stole it from a Terry Pratchett book. Secondly, it's the worst comic ever made in the history of man, and the guy who writes it is an absolute A-HOLE. I've never actually talked to him, (because I don't want any A-HOLE on me) but from what I heard from other people, there's no doubt about how much of a HOLE he is. And secondly he thinks he's funny, but he's not!! That's why I created this site to FINALLY PUT AN END TO BTC!!!!

Why it sucks:

The 'art' is nonexistant, and done badly in MS Paint, the 'jokes' are just lame copies of ones from a HUNDRED YEARS AGO, there's CONTINUAL blasphemy against our Lord and Saviour Jesus H. Christ (Just look at the name and the constant taking of the Lord's name in vain) NOT TO MENTION the continual use of PROFANITY and PORNOGRAPHY in each 'comic'! And as I proved before, the guy is a total JERK!

Join the cause!

With the help of some REAL ARTISTS (and not immature idiots who can't draw, like the BTC GUY), I've drafted up some images to RALLY OUR RIGHTEOUS CAUSE! Use them on your own web-site, or print them out and help to spread the word!

Brothers (and sisters) in arms!

These RIGHTEOUS SOLDIERS have fired the first salvos in the war against the evil BTC AND its SINFUL AUTHOR!

Brother Tony has put together a compelling argument against this ass. RIGHT ON, BROTHER! The most recent copy is here, but there is a mirror in case that SINNER Goonigoogoo uses his Illuminati connections to remove his righteous page

Make your own! Flood his inbox! Together we can BRING HIM DOWN!