All are invited to #3fs, a much happier, friendly, intelligent, sane community that isnt devoted to worshipping one small penised asian.

Well, I think we all know gooni's lost his mind. Examining it all real quick, he bans and shows spite to his regulars in favor of packing his chan with more and more people that SUCK. I know they suck, the regulars know they suck, goon knows they suck, but hey, so long as more people feed his ego, its all good. Next up is the fact that he thinks people reminiscing about "old times" in other channels is a revolt. No, revolts happen when the PEOPLE are unsatisfied with current conditions, and thats his fault and no one elses.
Now as if those two wernt bad enough, apparently he stays connected all day for the SOLE purpose of reading the entire scrollback to see what happened and if anything said pertained to him. Right. Someone buy the kid a life.
Now, on with the show. Here is a selection of artwork, the first created by me, most by authors who wish to remain anonymous, that represents how we feel about Goonigoogoo, and the state of #btc in general.
Enjoy, with my compliments.

The Image that started it all!


On a lighter note, Goon has illegitimate bunny children.!

Now we know how gooni got the rabbit babies!

A play on this Aikida image.

I *KNEW* there was something about goon that triggered my gaydar....