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The Random Art Section
Hi Cheesites, here's the section containing whatever random art I have available, so you can all get a glimpse of the current (or past) state of my artistic abilities.

Sometimes when I'm bored I'll doodle things, or if I accidently draw something I like but isn't quite suitable for the current comic, I'll slap them into the scrap art file I keep handy. Here's a little demonstration. As you can see, I've been practicing drawing women, different poses, and trying to copy other art styles. This image will be updated periodically with any new scrap art I have, and cuttings from comics that just weren't suitable or are too big for panels but I didn't want to throw away entirely

Keir was running a little short on fan art, so I whipped this little dealie up in about half an hour.

Some fan art I made up for Fenris when he complained in irc that nobody made fan art for him. I spent a good half hour on her hips alone, and in the end that was the closest I got. Probably a symptom of me never drawing below the waist. And have you ever tried drawing hands cupping breasts from behind? It's damn hard, so I just put on the oven mitts after the third hour of drawing bloody hands.

Old After reading a thread on the rocketbox forum about changing styles it got me to wondering about the changes in style for btc over the year(s). So I went through and chronicled the various steps, starting from the beginning, showing major steps or minor ones which I thought were of interest. Where possible I've tried to include the last of one style before the change into the next. With others (such as Thanatos and Duke), the change is more gradual so I've taken a selection. I didn't realise just how much it had changed, because this image is over 2000 pixels high, luckily with png compression it's only ~200k, so don't sweat it. The colours are a little dark, but it's the least noticable problem in order to get filesize so low. That thumbnail is 1/10th of the actual image, so you get a good idea of how big it is. I won't be updating this, but it'll stay here for posterity purposes. New additions below

New I totally forgot to update this for like a year. Here's some new newness


Concept art (read: Notebook doodles) of Lei. And also a random thing of Sancho

The face options I gave people before introducing Lei and Cleo, most of which I was unable to replicate fully so I ended up using component parts. Cleo is mostly heads 5 and 1, while Lei was part head 4 and an unknown factor. While body 3 was the most popular, I ended up not using it for either. Maybe somewhere further down the track it'll be seen. Lei was originally going to be anime styled, being from a japanese show and all, but I suck at anime. Like, really really suck.

Just fooling around, trying to emulate John Allison's style. Perhaps Bobbins would have been a bit easier.

An Anti-Dr Hot piece of fanart for Checkerboard Nightmare

Self explainatory fanart for Fenris

Some anti-Harry Knowles fanart for Theater Hopper

A picture of Zach from Supafine, made in OpenCanvas.

Again with the Pepperwood!

And a dash more Supafine

Some really spiffy looking stuff I made up for Questionable Content

Also, Scary Go Round

And now, Supafine

A little thingy for Jeff to commemorate his spider bite survivalness

My first Oekaki, thanks to forumer Kitty Kat

Lei in anime style, as I would probably have originally designed her character if I could draw anime last year

Thingy I drew for Gabe after the birth of Gabriel

Something I knocked together for Sarah Zero's 100th stripaversary

New fan art for Questionable Content. I'm told Smith College is a college full of lesbians or something

Fan art for Platinum Grit which is a goddamn awesome Aussie comic.

See me draw terrible caricatures of the cheesites from the irc channel! Quickly, before they hunt me down and kill me! So far Dave (gassit) and Litazia have been the hardest to draw. Stop being so hard to draw, guys!

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