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A collection of the guest strips I've done. Sorted in alphabetical comic order. This...could take a while if you're on dialup

3 Finger Salute

My first guest strip, and one of the best received, considering the subject matter.

Never released, or submitted, this one was sorta lame. Note the appearance of busty dream amazon

Made to keep the damn comic updated, since Dill was too lazy to do it, he didn't take it too well but put it up anyway.


Fenris was running a guest week, and this was what he got. Originally it was going to be Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I couldn't find the right picture, or force myself to put wade in a pressure tightening suit designed for a 14 year old female. Then of course it turns out that Fenris was actually influenced quite heavily by J Scott Campbell's work, so Aikida does bear a good resemblance to that woman on the poster

Alien Loves Predator

Bernie's wife is having twins, so understandably updating his webcomic isn't the highest of priorities.

Back In The Day

My submission to reva for the 2003 webcomic secret santa.


Trying to break the 7 month long non updating drought (at that time), I made this for Aaron. He eventually put it up about 2 months later. Aaaaand it's still up. Way to go Aaron.


A quick little gag I knocked together to commemorate Eddache's 500th stripaversary.

My contribution to Eddache's guest week in January


As detailed in this strip's newspost, I slapped this up in about 2 minutes. Not knowing that since joe doesn't update too often, it ended up staying on the front page for a month or two. I think he managed to slashdot our server as well.


This is just 398, but KC used it as a guest comic. That JERK

High Ping Bastard

Seeing as I'm keir's webmaster, it's also apparently my job to make sure he updates. Since he wasn't in an updating mood for a month and a half, I slapped this up for him.

Joe and Monkey

Zach needed a guest strip, so I slapped one together. Also I'm high.

No 4th Wall To Break

My contribution for one of blurry's many many many guest comic weeks. Many

Sexy Losers

This was supposed to be part of the style mimic storyline, but for some reason I ended up using the Sexy Losers characters and putting my name on it. So...yeah.

Shtank Interactive

The guys who used provide us hosting. You remember Bryce, right? Yeah, he's everyone's pal! Give him a big hand! I felt sorta bad for mooching off him for so long, especially since the last comic had been about six months ago when he moved to England, so I slapped this one up. It kick started Will (the one now in charge of comics) to make a few more after that, but things appear to have died down again.

VG Cats

I had this joke lying around, and it was originally going to be a one frame piece of fan art, but then I realised some people might not get the jump from "azn pride" to "kitty pride" (I think I was gonna do it "Azn Pryde" to begin with, but that was too much of a giveaway). Tadaaaaa. I really like how Kitty turned out, considering all I had to work with was a tiny pixellated image from the X-men Evolutions tv show. (Ps: Kitty Pryde is Shadowcat. She can go through walls and stuff)

Okay, in case you're new to this, I'm keeping track of what I like to refer to as "the curse". Basically, every time I do a guest strip for a comic, that comic will plunge into death shortly after. Observe, the current mortality rate.
Comic Name:
  • 3 finger salute
  • Aikida
  • Alien loves Predator
  • Back in the Day
  • Bitrate
  • Bollox
  • Dpad
  • Droop
  • High Ping Bastard
  • Joe and Monkey
  • No 4th Wall To Break
  • Sexy Losers
  • Shtank Interactive
  • VG Cats
  • Status:
  • Dead - Official
  • Alive and well
  • Alive and well
  • Dead - Official
  • Dead - No updates in over a year
  • Dead - Official
  • Joe's back! Alive for now
  • Alive and well
  • Dead - Server gone
  • Alive and well
  • Near Death - No updates for a while
  • Near Death - No updates for a while
  • Dead - Server gone
  • Alive and well
  • Some of the dead ones have staged a miraculous recovery! Hoorah!

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