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113: Oh eyes!
Oh eyes!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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GAH......this is giving me an epileptic fit. Well here it is. The crazy dbz fighting comic. And goddamnit my head is spinning. If you're interested in the individual stills that make up panel 2, check this out. It was more of an execise in seeing for myself if I could do it or not, than actual humour. This is gonna be a short newspost as I am actually making myself physically ill as I'm watching this flash. There's a tip for ya, children. You can tell it's good if it makes you wanna hurl. Woo! 5th comic in 5 days! This'll be the last for a while. I have a literal bucketload full of work to do. Really. I keep it in a bucket. Along with my vast array of hookers and money. Blaaaarrrgghh....Blah blah blah. Leaving something in the new ad-free Forum, blah blah vote at the Gamer's Choice Top 25 and Top Web Comics 150 blah blah blah blah bizarre linkage. Okay that's it. I'm out.

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<C-MJR|Seeker|[GEEHAL]> We are overanalyzing this.
<bucko[away]> no we are not
<bucko[away]> there's still metaphors left unexplored!
<C-MJR|Seeker|[GEEHAL]> You're mom is a metaphor left unexplored.
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