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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Shut up. I don't want to hear it. Stupid goddamn mouse. I decided to move to mouse drawing for the past...I dunno....since before the 133t saga anyway in order to save time. You see, drawing by pencil, then inking, then scanning, then searching for line breaks before adding colour and text is a lot of goddamn work. Just drawing by mouse and then colouring is a much easier process by far, and my hand doesn't hurt as much. Unfortunately, my optical mouse is out of commission, and I have to use this [email protected]^ing ball mouse which WILL NOT MOVE IN THE RIGHT FREAKING DIRECTION. Diagonal? You must want to go straight up. A circle? Hell, the pointer won't move at all. This mouse is giving me the SHITS! ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Okay. I'm done venting now. In related news, I can't be bothered going for fragtopia hosting anymore. I'm lazy and give up easily. So sue me. Unless you can come up with a reliable free host without popup banners, that has FTP access, no bandwidth limit, and at least more than 20 megs (preferably in the range of 50 or so), tell me in the new ad-free Forum. GODDAMN this stupid mouse. This happens EVERY time I try to do Thanatos. And he's the easiest to do. Don't even ASK how long it takes to do Nat and Duke. At least Thanatos has distinct lines for his face. Duke and Nat's curvyness coupled with my brand crap mouse equals LOTS OF CARAZY FUN! In case you are a moron, I am being very very angry and sarcastic now. Some more Dan Art in the Reader Input section. Duke in a very ninja/kung-fu kind of pose.Thanks a lot Dan (aka Funk Machine). Are you voting at the Gamer's Choice Top 25? I know nobody is voting at the Top Web Comics 150 because I've been at the same place and dropping for the past...month or so. Thanks a lot people. Really. The bizarre linkage of the day (for all you non-ungrateful whores who don't vote) is this. Lookit him dance! Woo!! What's that? Violent mood swings? Moi?
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<Vorador> you sound like my mom
<Vorador> she's hot
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