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120: Something's coming...
Something's coming...

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
You're at the beginning of a storyline!
Something's coming. Oh yeah. Just you wait and see. I'll leave it up to you to imaging the sheer beauty of a structure containing the 133test of the webcomic world. Duke and Thanatos's words are once again my own. On the one hand, this is all rather contrived. On the other hand, YOU come up with a better explaination why there would be such a collection of people in one place other than the webcomiconicon. Man that's fun to say. Webcomiconicon!! Sorry about the last newspost. I was hopped up on SOMETHING. Will from Princeton has sent in some fan art. Check it out. No bizarre linkage today....Instead: GIANT APE JUICE! Yes. Giant ape juice. We aim to be at least the #2 giant ape juice referrer on the entire internet. Can't get enough of that sweet, sweet giant ape juice. Do you want some giant ape juice yet? Sure you do.

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You KNOW I changed something in this comic. But what? And where?

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