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122: Happy now, Deon?
Happy now, Deon?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Deon's been bugging the hell out of me for another cameo. There, you get to be anally raped by numerous animals. Happy Deon? This comic runs the risk of being very in joke-ish, so I guess I'll have to fill you in. *Ahem*

1) Deon is a whiny bitch. Yes, it's true. It's true because I say so.
2) Testicle Da Barbarian eats cheeseburgers and rapes elves or anything wearing an elf hat. Usually not in that order
3) Keir virtually never updates his comic on time ever since he got one of those mythical "lives" I keep hearing so much about. ZING! Biting social commentary. That's me.

Check out the Testicle Da Barbarian archives in the High Ping Bastard archive page. In case you can't see it because of the amount of sheznit crammed into panel 4, a horse, an anime tentacle rape thingy and a donkey all are aiming to have crazy anal sex with Deon. In the background, Testicle Da Barbarian is chasing down Duke who is holding a cheeseburger. Have you ever tried drawing a donkey? It's a pain in the ass. They look like midget horses....only not. Anyway, I'm going off track now. No bizarre linkages for the webcomiconicon. Instead, visit the guest stars, damnit

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