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132: And that's the end of that chapter
And that's the end of that chapter

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Okay...It's over. Finally. Jesus, remind me never to do a week and half of daily updates again. Especially when I've got assignments and exams to do. I have a feeling I won't be too pleased when I get the results back. Joe from dpad pulled a slashdot on me, and shut down the site with a single link. Overran my weekly bandwidth limit within a few hours. I'm so proud. You didn't vote at all, did you? You bums. Have you had your daily dose of Giant ape juice?

Bigger Than Cheeses

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<Darius> Wait....
<Darius> can someone hear taht?
<Darius> I think I can hear something
<Hipnotoad> Is it your mom moaning?
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