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137: Mmm....revenge

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Blargh. No. Funny. Left. I'm in a low streak right now, and nothing is turning out right. This was a hell of a lot funnier in my head at 3am than on paper. I mean, on the internet. Whatever. Who wants a guest artist week/month/year? Leave your thoughts in the ad-free forum, because quite frankly I'm out of them. I've actually got about 10 potential comic ideas written down, but they all suck. Really. Anyhoo, enough whining from me. This comic is sortof a continuation of this one, one of my favourites because of the back and forth between the two consciences. Normally when I bump off characters I can't just bring them back, but since they're etherial in this case, it makes it a hell of a lot easier. Oh and 'red' is the evil conscience in case you couldn't tell from his red colouration. The idea was that the consciences would get revenge on Thanatos for squishing them by snapping his ass in a bear trap. Just didn't seem so funny. Of course I could just be getting jaded, but normally I can tell good comics and this wasn't one of them. Anyhoo. Wanna get angry? REALLY angry? Then check out the bizarre linkage of the day. Yes, Jack Chick expouses more catholic propaganda in the form of COMICS! LOOOTS OF COMICS!!! Check out some other 'tracts' as he calls them. It's all there. Evolution = LIES! Muslims? HELL! They're all going to HELL I say. Or he says. Whatever. And don't even THINK of equality and abolition of discrimination. I'm surprised he doesn't have a giant banner on the front page declaring 'Niggers go home'. Oh how I wish I was lying. Mmmm...Boiling anger returning. Well enjoy. I'm going to stay off the comicry until I can come up with something funny.
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<Goonigoogoo> and now I've discovered Fenris's weakness
<Pants> incontinence?
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