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144: I couldn't resist
I couldn't resist

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah. I know I said no updates till exams were over. But then again, you forget I'm a pathological liar. Two more exams to go, then I'm free! FREE I TELLS YA! My keen comedic spidey....timing...uhh....sense is a little off since I haven't done a strip in a while. And certainly not a strip with Spiderman and Macy Gray in it. Is it Gray or Grey? I forget. She was certainly the worst part of Spiderman. Hi kiddies! Can you say 'washed up'? How about 'your goddamn fifteen minutes of fame are up, now leave while you have some semblance of dignity'? You'll notice the special cameo from Mr Furious of Movie Comics in frame one. They're fantastic comics everyone. Seriously, check them out. Biting up-to-date humour I couldn't hope to keep up with. New smooth-tacular art? Thanks to Macromedia Flash! I love you, automatic anti-jagginess! Unfortunately, I've still gotta fiddle about in paint for the words, etc, so it takes me twice as long to do stuff right now, but just you wait till I've got the hang of it. Mad props to Fenris of Aikida for mentioning my comic in his tres 133t comic. Or newspost. Whatever. He was talking about the dying art of webcomics linking to each other. Well I'm with you buddy. I'll link until the freaking cows come home. Which is quite a long time considering I never had any cows to begin with. Maybe some lost cows will come to my house by accident. I could sure go for a steak right now. God I'm drunk. Where was I? You'll also notice I've been a busy little beaver as I've also done up a cameo strip at 3 Finger Salute. I'm a little fixated on the whole Spiderman/bodily fluids thing right now. Don't worry. I promise the next strip won't have semen in it. Well, half promise....Okay. I can't promise anything. Also, if you'll look below you'll see the whoresome log humour. Yeah...It's a little long. Okay, it's quite excessively long, but it gives you a good idea of what we get up to when we're bored. Click here if you wanna read it later as a text file. It all stems from our deep, deep love of whores. Specifically, fixing old sayings so that they now contain the word 'whore'. Ahhh...good times, good times. Actually....This whoretastic newspost should bait search engines a hundred times better than my Hot tentacle cartoon sex comic. What other words can I use to trick search engines? Naked sexy sex celebrities? I'll think of them later. Just because I stop telling you to go visit the ad-free forum and to vote doesn't mean stop doing it! Jesus baby eating Christ! A few votes every now and again would be nice. There are over 80 sprite comics ahead of me for the love of god! Ah well. Here's your Bizarre Linkage. Now back to failing.....Er....I mean studying.

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Ah yes, the first flash drawn comic, good thinking. Plus this comic has the longest log humour attached to it. Say, doesn't that gun look a little TOO realistic, for someone with MY drawing skills a year ago? Something to think about.

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[12:45] <Goonigoogoo> you can lead a whore to water but you can't make her drink?
[12:45] <Warskull> that move is like a bag full of whores
[12:45] <Goonigoogoo> you sure let the whore out of the bag
[12:45] <Goonigoogoo> don't cry over spilt whore
[12:45] <skwerrel> dammit...i can't remember any old sayings
[12:45] <Goonigoogoo> you couldn't hit the broad side of a whore
[12:46] <Goonigoogoo> this is like trying to find a whore in a haystack
[12:46] <Warskull> you know what they say, you win some, you whore some
[12:46] <Beerman> A whore a day keeps the... VD clinic... in business...?
[12:46] <Warskull> don't look a gift whore in the mouth
[12:47] <Goonigoogoo> all work and no whores makes johnny a dull boy
[12:47] <Beerman> haha
[12:47] <Beerman> gift whore... in the mouth... ah, make it stop
[12:47] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[12:47] <Goonigoogoo> this is more fun than a ship full of whores
[12:47] <KAboomy> a whore in the hand is worth two in the bush (...?)
[12:48] <Beerman> LOL
[12:48] <skwerrel> Is the whore half empty, or half full?
[12:48] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[12:48] <KAboomy> haha
[12:48] <Goonigoogoo> two in the bush
[12:48] <Beerman> a whore caught by the tail is not yet caught?
[12:48] <Goonigoogoo> you can't teach an old whore new tricks
[12:48] <skwerrel> Fucked 2 whores with one stone!
[12:48] <Beerman> whore tail... woo...
[12:48] <Goonigoogoo> time flies when you're having whores
[12:48] <skwerrel> lol
[12:48] <Beerman> lol
[12:49] <KAboomy> oh man
[12:49] <skwerrel> ah there anything they CAN'T do?
[12:49] <Beerman> if you rape a whore, is it theft or shoplifting?
[12:49] <Goonigoogoo> I think it's a felony
[12:49] <Beerman> oh.
[12:49] <skwerrel> grand theft?
[12:49] <Beerman> so I should hide the bodies then
[12:49] <skwerrel> probably
[12:49] <Goonigoogoo> probably
[12:50] <Goonigoogoo> jinx!
[12:50] <Goonigoogoo> well that was wholesome
[12:50] <KAboomy> if wishes were whores, then beggers would ride
[12:50] <Beerman> hahahaha
[12:51] <Beerman> and ride well
[12:51] <Goonigoogoo> where's that dead hooker disposal article, now?
[12:52] <Goonigoogoo> yeah you heard me
[12:53] <Goonigoogoo>
[12:53] <Warskull> whores are all fun and games until someone catches a STD
[12:53] <Goonigoogoo> don't take candy from whores
[12:53] <KAboomy> or
[12:53] <KAboomy> dont take whores from strangers
[12:54] <Goonigoogoo> oh yeah
[12:54] <Goonigoogoo> that works a lot better
[12:56] <Goonigoogoo> he walks like he's got whores in his britches
[12:56] <Goonigoogoo> he's as happy as a whore with a bone
[12:57] <KAboomy> a chain is no stronger than it's weakest whore
[12:57] <Goonigoogoo> a good whore is hard to find
[12:57] <Goonigoogoo> a little whore told me
[12:58] <Goonigoogoo> a man is known by the whores he keeps
[12:58] <Goonigoogoo> a whore's gotta do what a whore's gotta do
[12:59] <KAboomy> never read a whore by it's whore
[12:59] <KAboomy> err, cover
[12:59] <Goonigoogoo> isn't it 'judge'?
[12:59] <KAboomy> or judeg
[12:59] <KAboomy> dammit
[12:59] <Goonigoogoo> yeah
[12:59] <Goonigoogoo> a whore for your thoughts
[12:59] <KAboomy> lol
[12:59] <KAboomy> you just found a directory somewhere
[13:00] <Goonigoogoo> I suuuure did
[13:00] *** Warskull ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[13:00] <Goonigoogoo>
[13:00] <KAboomy> heh, I did too, mine's not as good though
[13:00] <Goonigoogoo> you work your way up from the bottom
[13:00] <Goonigoogoo> I've got a whore up my sleeve
[13:00] <Goonigoogoo> but watch out for my achillies whore
[13:01] <skwerrel> As happy as a dead whore in the sunshine
[13:01] <KAboomy> Your eyes are bigger than your whore
[13:01] <Goonigoogoo> all's fair in love and whore
[13:01] <Beerman> happy as a whore with a bone hahaha
[13:01] <Goonigoogoo> a whore a day keeps the doctor away
[13:01] <KAboomy> you reap what you whore
[13:02] <skwerrel> whores of a feather flock together
[13:02] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[13:02] <Goonigoogoo> asleep at the whore
[13:02] <skwerrel> born with a silver whore in his mouth
[13:02] <skwerrel> break a whore and you'll have seven years of bad luck
[13:03] <Goonigoogoo> prae will probably vow never to read his logs again when he sees this conversation
[13:03] <skwerrel> lol
[13:03] <Goonigoogoo> barking whores seldom bite
[13:03] <skwerrel> whores should be seen and not heard
[13:03] <Beerman> I'm having a bad whore day
[13:03] <Goonigoogoo> bend like a whore or break like an oak
[13:03] <Goonigoogoo> better whore
[13:03] <skwerrel> talk to the whore!
[13:04] <KAboomy> You can catch more whores with honey than with vinegar
[13:04] <Goonigoogoo> bide your whore
[13:04] <KAboomy> or
[13:04] <KAboomy> You can catch more whores with whore than with whore!
[13:04] <Goonigoogoo> bury the whore
[13:04] <skwerrel> Deader than a whore
[13:04] *** Warskull ([email protected]) has joined #3fs
[13:04] *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Warskull
[13:04] <Beerman> Close, but no whore
[13:04] <Goonigoogoo> we're starting to sound like obscene smurfs
[13:04] <skwerrel> lol
[13:04] <Beerman> lol
[13:04] <Beerman> I smurfed her
[13:04] <Goonigoogoo> the reject smurfs who never got to be on the show
[13:05] <Beerman> right there in the smurfing carpark
[13:05] <KAboomy> You are what you whore.
[13:05] <Goonigoogoo> calm before the whore
[13:05] <Beerman> "you're smurfing me!"
[13:05] <Beerman> No smurfin way man
[13:05] <Goonigoogoo> came up smelling like whores
[13:05] <Beerman> then she smurfed my smurf
[13:05] <Beerman> oh man, I smurfed all over the place
[13:05] <skwerrel> Don't criticize a whore till you've walked a mile in her thong
[13:05] <Goonigoogoo> can't see the forest for the whores
[13:05] <Beerman> *clears throat*
[13:05] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[13:05] <Beerman> yeah nayway
[13:05] <Goonigoogoo> thong
[13:05] <Raven> wow
[13:05] <skwerrel> don't open that can of whores
[13:05] <Raven> i come back and the first word i see...
[13:06] <Goonigoogoo> what's the matter? Had the whore got your tongue?
[13:06] <Raven> "Thong"
[13:06] <Raven> amen
[13:06] *** Raven is now known as Raven|sleep
[13:06] <Goonigoogoo> caught between a whore and a hard place
[13:06] <Beerman> Do unto whores as you would have whores do unto you
[13:06] <skwerrel> lol
[13:06] <Goonigoogoo> chip off the old whore
[13:06] <Beerman> Don't criticize a man until you've done a mile in his whore
[13:06] <skwerrel> don't throw the whore out with the whore water
[13:06] <Goonigoogoo> chose the lesser of two whores
[13:07] <Goonigoogoo> whores make the man
[13:07] <Beerman> haha
[13:07] <KAboomy> Whores never quit and quitters never whore
[13:07] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[13:07] <skwerrel> If the whore fits, wear it
[13:07] <Beerman> easier whored than done
[13:07] <Goonigoogoo> to whore a phrase
[13:07] <Beerman> easy as whore
[13:07] <Beerman> every whore has her day
[13:07] <Goonigoogoo> dead as a whore
[13:08] <Goonigoogoo> den of whores
[13:08] <skwerrel> i'm not just blowing whores at you
[13:08] <Beerman> Find a whore, pick it up, and all day you'll have good luck
[13:08] <Goonigoogoo> flogging a dead whore
[13:08] <Goonigoogoo> don't put all your whores in one basket
[13:09] <skwerrel> sharp as a whore
[13:09] <Goonigoogoo> drinks like a whore
[13:09] <Beerman> friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your whores!
[13:09] <Goonigoogoo> easy come easy whore
[13:09] <skwerrel> she was so ugly they had to tie a whore around her neck to get the whore to play with her
[13:09] <Goonigoogoo> eyes like a whore
[13:09] <Beerman> God whores those who whore themselves
[13:09] <Goonigoogoo> fall on your whore
[13:10] <skwerrel> Put that in your pipe and whore it
[13:10] <Goonigoogoo> faster than greased whore
[13:10] <KAboomy> When the whoring gets tough, the tough get whoring.
[13:10] <Goonigoogoo> whores are thicker than water
[13:10] <Beerman> He is as dependable as a fox in a whore house
[13:10] <Goonigoogoo> fools rush in where whores fear to tread
[13:10] <skwerrel> speak of the whore and she will appear
[13:11] <Goonigoogoo> whore me once, shame on you. whore me twice, shame on me
[13:11] <Goonigoogoo> two whores short of a sixpack
[13:11] <Goonigoogoo> what's the matter? do you have a whore in your throat?
[13:11] <skwerrel> you're full of piss and whores
[13:11] <Beerman> Home is where the whore is
[13:11] *** Tenday ([email protected]) Quit
[13:12] <Goonigoogoo> genius is 1% inspiration and 99% whores
[13:12] <Goonigoogoo> go with the whore
[13:12] <Beerman> I cried because I had no whores until I saw the man who had no feet
[13:12] <Goonigoogoo> goodie two whores
[13:13] <Goonigoogoo> great whores from little acorns grow
[13:13] <Beerman> If a black whore crosses your path you will have bad luck <-- haha thats pretty bayad
[13:13] <skwerrel> not the sharpest whore in the drawer
[13:13] <Goonigoogoo> handy as a whore with no batteries
[13:13] <skwerrel> lol
[13:13] <Goonigoogoo> rofl. Half a whore is better than none
[13:13] <skwerrel> lol
[13:13] <Beerman> If it looks like a whore, walks like a whore, and quacks like a whore, it's a whore
[13:13] <skwerrel> quacks like a whore
[13:13] <Goonigoogoo> has a whore in the closet
[13:14] <skwerrel> no i don't!
[13:14] <Beerman> you should screw your whore on straight
[13:14] <skwerrel> you cant prove shit
[13:14] <Goonigoogoo> He needs a tight whore
[13:14] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[13:14] <Goonigoogoo> oh god that's so bad
[13:14] <Beerman> hahaha
[13:14] <Beerman> If you can't stand the whore, get out of the bedroom :P
[13:14] <Goonigoogoo> has whores in the belfy
[13:15] <Goonigoogoo> healthy as a whore
[13:15] <Beerman> well I'll be a whores uncle!
[13:15] <Goonigoogoo> don't be so whore headed
[13:15] <Goonigoogoo> his stomach shook like a whore
[13:15] <Beerman> Is the pope whoring?
[13:15] <Beerman> or... is the whore catholic
[13:15] <Goonigoogoo> hit by an ugly whore
[13:15] <Beerman> nah. pope whoring sounds better
[13:15] <Goonigoogoo> home is where you hang your whore
[13:16] <Goonigoogoo> or home is where the whore is
[13:16] <Goonigoogoo> whore line and sinker
[13:16] <Beerman> Its not wether you win or lose, its how you play your whore
[13:16] <Goonigoogoo> painting the whore red
[13:16] <Goonigoogoo> I can't make whore or tails of it
[13:16] <Beerman> jack of all whores
[13:17] <praet0rian> is this still going on?!
[13:17] <Beerman> yup
[13:17] <KAboomy> hah
[13:17] <Goonigoogoo> hehe
[13:17] <Goonigoogoo> it suuuuure is
[13:17] <Beerman> Come on in, the whore is fine!
[13:17] <Goonigoogoo> there's always room for one whore
[13:17] <Goonigoogoo> although too many whores spoil the broth
[13:17] <Beerman> lol
[13:17] <Goonigoogoo> which we need like we need a whore in the head
[13:17] <Beerman> land of milk and whoring
[13:17] <praet0rian> a whore in the hand is worth two in the bush
[13:18] <KAboomy> :)
[13:18] <Goonigoogoo> I think boomy already got that one
[13:18] <Beerman> yep
[13:18] <praet0rian> it's a tough job, but some whore's got to do it
[13:18] <Beerman> like a whore to the slaughter
[13:18] <KAboomy> [01:11:02] <KAboomy> a whore in the hand is worth two in the bush (...?)
[13:18] <Beerman> let your whore down
[13:19] <Beerman> let sleeping whores lie
[13:19] <Beerman> liar liar whore on fire :P
[13:19] <Goonigoogoo> if you don't milk every day, the whore will dry up
[13:19] <praet0rian> time makes whores of us all
[13:19] <Beerman> I'm gonna stop now
[13:19] <Beerman> ewww
[13:19] <Goonigoogoo> yeah. That was pretty bad
[13:19] <Goonigoogoo> ill gotten whores
[13:19] <Beerman> lol
[13:20] <Goonigoogoo> it ain't over till the fat whore sings
[13:20] <praet0rian> whore today, gone tomorrow
[13:20] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[13:20] <Goonigoogoo> it goes in one whore and out the other
[13:20] <praet0rian> whore done by
[13:20] <praet0rian> lol
[13:20] <Beerman> oh ye of little whore
[13:20] <KAboomy> see prae? it's addictive :)
[13:20] <praet0rian> i like "pants" too
[13:20] <Beerman> old whores die hard
[13:20] <Goonigoogoo> it's raining whores and dogs
[13:21] <praet0rian> like, replacing key words in movie dialogue with pants
[13:21] <Beerman> Once more unto the whore, dear friends, once more
[13:21] <Goonigoogoo>
[13:22] <Goonigoogoo> You are unwise to lower your underpants.
[13:22] <Beerman> lol I was just gonna paste that
[13:22] <Goonigoogoo> I find your lack of underpants disturbing
[13:22] <Beerman> You came in those underpants? You're braver than I thought
[13:22] <Beerman> I cannot teach him. The boy has no underpants
[13:22] <Goonigoogoo> I cannot teach him. The boy has no underpants.
[13:22] <Goonigoogoo> lol. beat me to it
[13:23] <Beerman> Don't worry. Chewie and I have gotten into a lot of underpants more heavily guarded than this
[13:23] <Beerman> Luke*Help me take*these underpants off
[13:24] <Goonigoogoo> Funny....but not quite as funny as whores
[13:24] <Beerman> Great, Chewie, great. Always thinking with your underpants
[13:24] <Beerman> yeah true
[13:24] <Beerman> Put your whore where your mouth is
[13:25] <Goonigoogoo> I still like 'Half a whore is better than none'
[13:25] <Goonigoogoo> it's just so wrong
[13:25] <Beerman> Queer as a three-dollar whore hahaha\
[13:25] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[13:25] <Beerman> Rolled off his tongue and went across whore
[13:25] <Goonigoogoo> like a whore out of hell
[13:26] <skwerrel> back to the whores...
[13:26] <Beerman> yep
[13:26] <Beerman> how can we stay away
[13:26] <skwerrel> thats a good question
[13:26] <Goonigoogoo> lower than a whore's belly
[13:26] <Goonigoogoo> a man of few whores
[13:27] <Beerman> Easier to get blood out of a whore
[13:27] <Goonigoogoo> speak softly, and carry a big whore
[13:27] <Beerman> which is probably related to "Spare the rod, spoil the whore"
[13:27] <Goonigoogoo> man cannot life by whore alone
[13:27] <Beerman> haha
[13:27] <Beerman> big bertha
[13:27] <Goonigoogoo> lol. bertha
[13:27] <Beerman> a spoonful of sugar makes the whore go down
[13:27] <Goonigoogoo> misery loves whores
[13:27] <Beerman> ...on you
[13:27] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[13:27] <Beerman> stiff as a whore
[13:28] <Goonigoogoo> put the whore to the grindstone
[13:28] <Beerman> take the whore by the horn
[13:28] <Goonigoogoo> no need to reinvent the whore
[13:28] <Goonigoogoo> No whore off my nose
[13:28] <Dest> My efforts in cooking sticky rice properly have failed.
[13:28] <Beerman> Par for the whores
[13:28] <Goonigoogoo> what does that have to do with whores?
[13:29] <Goonigoogoo> honestly Dest. Pay whore
[13:29] <Goonigoogoo> I mean pay attention
[13:29] <Goonigoogoo> old whores die hard
[13:29] <Goonigoogoo> on a whore and a prayer
[13:30] <Beerman> thats the best thing since sliced whore
[13:30] <Goonigoogoo> one foot in the whore
[13:30] <Goonigoogoo> six whores under
[13:30] <Beerman> ouch
[13:30] <Beerman> the whore is worse than the disease
[13:30] <Goonigoogoo> practice what you whore
[13:30] <Beerman> must be a pretty damn gross whore to be worse than the disease
[13:31] <Goonigoogoo> I'll say
[13:31] <Goonigoogoo> pride goeth before a whore
[13:31] <Beerman> The difference between whores and boys are the size of their toys
[13:31] <KAboomy> oof.
[13:31] <Goonigoogoo> quicker than a new york whore
[13:31] <Beerman> lol
[13:31] <Beerman> the good whore young
[13:32] <Goonigoogoo> saved by the whore
[13:32] <Goonigoogoo> screaming like a whore
[13:32] <Beerman> the way to a mans whore is through his stomach
[13:32] <Beerman> lol
[13:32] <Goonigoogoo> seize the whore
[13:32] <Beerman> every whore has a silver lining
[13:33] <Beerman> those that whore live a lot longer
[13:33] <Goonigoogoo> slippery as a whore
[13:34] <Beerman> tighter than ol' dicks whore
[13:34] <Goonigoogoo> snug as a whore in a rug
[13:34] <Beerman> time to hit the whore
[13:34] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[13:34] *** afropik ([email protected]) has joined #3fs
[13:34] <afropik> mmmyes?
[13:34] <Goonigoogoo> hey hey
[13:34] <Goonigoogoo> join in the whorery
[13:34] <Beerman> two whores are better than one
[13:35] <afropik> what about whores?
[13:35] <Goonigoogoo> this is my whore to bear
[13:35] <Beerman> whos company, threes a crowd
[13:35] <Beerman> whores company*
[13:35] <Goonigoogoo> that's a new whore on my old horn
[13:35] <Beerman> vanished into thin whore
[13:35] <afropik> ok
[13:35] <Beerman> haha new whore, old horn
[13:35] <afropik> anyway
[13:35] <Beerman> brilliant
[13:35] *** afropik ([email protected]) has left #3fs
[13:35] <Goonigoogoo> ah well
[13:36] <skwerrel> OMG and then the tomato comes out of nowhere and they all dance together and they're friends!
[13:36] <skwerrel> its BEAUTIFUL
[13:36] <Goonigoogoo> the whore of the wild
[13:36] <Beerman> wake up and smell the whore
[13:36] <Goonigoogoo> skwerrel, what are you talking about?
[13:36] <Beerman> We are going to have a whore slapping good time
[13:36] <skwerrel>
[13:36] <Goonigoogoo> the whore is as bare as mother Hubbard's cupboard
[13:36] <Beerman> Well slap me naked and hide my whores!
[13:36] <Goonigoogoo> yeah I've seen that one
[13:37] <Goonigoogoo> the early whore gets the worm
[13:37] <Beerman> la bamba, innit?
[13:37] <Beerman> when whores fly
[13:37] <Goonigoogoo> the whore the merrier
[13:37] <Goonigoogoo> the pen is mightier than the whore
[13:37] <Goonigoogoo> the whore's the limit
[13:37] <Beerman> When you lie down with whores, you are going to get fleas
[13:38] <Beerman> fleas, STDs, the line is very thin :P
[13:38] <Goonigoogoo> thicker than whores
[13:38] <Beerman> with whores on
[13:38] <Goonigoogoo> time whores all wounds
[13:38] <Goonigoogoo> time to bite the whore
[13:38] <Beerman> whore marks the spot
[13:38] <Goonigoogoo> time to turn over a new whore
[13:39] <Beerman> You are going to have to eat whore
[13:39] <Beerman> you can't teach an old whore new tricks
[13:40] <Goonigoogoo> when whores fly
[13:40] <Beerman> <Beerman> when whores fly
[13:40] <Goonigoogoo> well shit
[13:40] <Beerman> :P
[13:40] <Beerman> I think we've covered the good ones
[13:40] <Beerman> apart from "I wouldn't touch that whore with a 10' pole "
[13:41] <Beerman> maybe some other ones
[13:41] <Goonigoogoo> hmm
[13:41] <Goonigoogoo> maybe it should be 'I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot whore'
[13:41] <Goonigoogoo> win the battle, lose the whore
[13:41] <Beerman> with my 10 foot pole
[13:41] <Beerman> hur hur hur
[13:42] <Goonigoogoo> heh
[13:42] <Goonigoogoo> the whorey goodness is spreading to dpad!
[13:42] <Beerman> huzzah!
[13:42] <Goonigoogoo> Yaaaaay!
[13:42] <Goonigoogoo> it's infectious!
[13:44] <Goonigoogoo> that's a real whore jerker of a story
[13:46] <Beerman> lol
[13:46] <Beerman> whore jerker
[13:46] <Goonigoogoo> rofl
[13:46] <Beerman> oy vey
[13:46] <Goonigoogoo> I wish that were a profession
[13:46] <Goonigoogoo> <texan drawl>Yup, Ah'm a whore jerker bah profession</texan drawl>
[13:46] <Beerman> eww
[13:47] <Beerman> apparently theres "fluffers" in the pr0n industry
[13:47] <Beerman> keep the guys all
[13:47] <Beerman> uh
[13:47] <Beerman> yeah
[13:47] <Beerman> interested
[13:47] <Goonigoogoo> *ahem*
[13:48] <Goonigoogoo> whore in sheep's clothing
[13:49] <Goonigoogoo> well. That's all 1914 sayings
[13:51] <Beerman> uh oh
[13:51] <Goonigoogoo> now what?
[13:52] <Goonigoogoo> bah. You're still wet behind the whores
[13:52] <Beerman> how many more thousands of sayings are there? :P
[13:52] <Goonigoogoo> one thousand, nine hundred and fourteen
[13:53] <Beerman> fan-tastic
[13:53] <Goonigoogoo> indeed
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