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146: iMacs: They're great for throwing
iMacs: They're great for throwing

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Wa-hey! Another new comic! And this one concerns a matter close to my heart, imacs. God I hate them. I hate those smarmy mac users even more. "Ooh! Look at me! I'm so special because I don't use windows!" "My operating system accepts only proprietary hardware...and it never crashes! Isn't it brilliant?" Well I've got news for you, bucko. I've seen macs crash. They crash when I try to open BBEDIT for god's sake! A TEXT EDITOR! What the hell is so hard in opening TEXT?! I'm not trying to cure cancer here, I just want to OPEN MY GODDAMN TEXT DOCUMENT! And what the hell is up with multiple program associations for the same filetype? Pick ONE program, not SEVEN! Ah. this isn't gonna be another rant newspost. That's what today's supplementary log humour is for. Mmmm...swear-tastic. It's a biggie. You might want to download it and word wrap it. The comic already had numerous other funny bits that I just coldn't fit into the panel. So I'll just list them below:

  • Panel 1: Mac Guy; "Now while NORMAL people would dye their hair regular shades, such as blonde or red, I've dyed my hair purple to show just how different I think! Also, Instead of dressing myself like you poor braindead non think differenters, My mother dresses me in the mornings!"
  • Panel 3: Mok-Tarr; "I've also rearranged your inefficient human keyboard and replaced the letters with superior Aktolorian characters. They are also so small that they need to be pushed down by needle point!"
    Mac Guy; "Incredible! But where's the monitor?"
    Mok-Tarr; "Interface with the computer is now achieved through direct connection into your brain port"
    Mac Guy: "I've never seen plugs like those before"
    Mok-Tarr; "I have designed my own proprietary plug, which will not wok under any circumstance with any other system in the universe"
    Mac Guy; "That's good. We can't have our hardware being compatible with anything else"
    Mok-Tarr; "Exactly. Also, I have designed a chair that is not only unergonomic, but its cushions are filled with nails and broken glass!"
    Mac Guy; "BRILLIANT!"
  • As you can see. Panel 3 would have been really huge to fit all that text in. So far it's been rather quiet in the ad-free forum. You know, you don't need to register for anything if you wanna say something. C'mon! Join in the antics. Bryce of Shtank Interactive (our host) is having domain troubles for now, so if you want to get to the ad free site, use Today's bizarre linkage is Perpetual Bubblewrap! Whoooooooo! Listen to that sucker pop! Teeeheeeheee!! Alright. I'm out.

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