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158: There's a party in my mouth and everyone has explosive diarrhoea
There's a party in my mouth and everyone has explosive diarrhoea

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Dear god. Shtank is STILL down, so you're probably reading this on a trip through the archives. Am I rich and famous yet? Goddamnit. Well, I'll spare you the 12 foot long list of comedic mishaps that has befallen me in the 3 days that I've been at uni, but let's just say I'm feeling like a certain high ping bastard. More specifically, it's like this comic with keir's name replaced with mine. Damn you fate! Damn you and your calendar of pain! Urrggghhh. Huzzah for 8am math every. single. goddamn. day. Well, except friday, or monday, depending on whether the perennially missing course coordinator math guy person will actually BE IN HIS FREAKING OFFICE FOR ONCE. I went back there numerous times within a space of 5 hours, and there was not a single sign that he exists at all. Since I live rather far from said university, I have to be up at 6 to make my 8am lectures....which naturally doesn't go down to well on mondays when I'd rather stab myself in the face with the sharpened scissors I'd found I've been sleeping on. How I wish I was kidding. Apparently they're expecting me to "learn" "math" at this "8am" time I keep hearing aboot. Have you few visitors been voting? No? Well fine then. I'll just go curl up in the corner and die. You make me wanna RETCH. Go to the goddamn forum already. Well, fate's repeated kicks in my teeth have considerably lowered my humour....limit...quota....thing. And my vocabulamary as well. So you'll notice my extra stealarrific quote from futurama in the last panel. Yeah I'm unoriginal. Boo hoo hoo. "Oh there's no new comic" Wah wah wah. "This comic sucks" whine whine whine. Why is it When the goddamn server goes down I lose about 80% of my readers but get about 600 hojillion % more spam. Honestly. What's up with that?! Damn you spam morons! Go and advertise my site or something you whores. ARrrghhjhhhh. Fingers hurting. What time is it? My watch caught on fire and shot me twice in the leg. And I think the computer is slowly planning to secretly electrocute me through the keyboard. Here's your bizarre linkage. It's the file that managed to take down shtank. Well I hope it was worth it for you because I don't care enough to download it. Now leave me alone to wallow in my own crapulence.
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