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16: I've seen this bottlecap
I've seen this bottlecap

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
A look back
A while back, a bottled water company was having some sort of promotion with various idiotic things on the bottlecaps (ie: Win [thing] instantly! With [thing] being things like 'money', 'friends', 'sex', etc) I thought it would be funny to do 'Win pain instantly!' as a comic, until I actually saw the damn thing already made in real life. I was just wondering what would be the incentive of opening that bottle? "I win! OWWW!!!"
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<FlyingOnkeys> tony's bost for the day "MY daddys a druggy!"
<Bacon_Baron> what the fuck is a bost?
<FlyingOnkeys> yah haven't you ever bosted?
<Bacon_Baron> yeah I bosted your mom last night
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