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162: News for Aussies
News for Aussies

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey all. How was your day? Uh huh. Uh huh. Oh really? That's nice. Anyhoo, today's comic was originally made up specially for the residents of #3fs to help illustrate the latest development war on terrorism. But I figured, what the hell. I'm too lazy to do a comic up later anyway, so I'll just recycle this one. Mmm...It's ms paint tastic. The first one I've done in paint since, uh, this one I think. Yeah, good ol' Dubya is swinging by Iraq on his way back from Afghanistan. Maybe to pick up a few hojillion gallons of oil while he's at it. Oh, and to kill Saddam. Hey, I'm all for offing that moustached son of a bitch, but honestly, what the fuck is Australia doing in Iraq? I mean, first we commit troops to Vietnam even though it was America's war, and now we're going into Iraq with them. Sure, Afghanistan I can see, since there was a common threat, but I don't see Saddam exactly threatening to liberally coat Australia with an Anthrax dressing. Until our PM little Johnny Howard decided to go all gung ho on everyone he can find. I don't blame him. Last year he was a political washup until he decided to abuse the fuck out of women and children. Oh wait, what am I saying? They're not women and children, they're dirty dirty refugees. No refugees is too sympathetic. They're illegal immigrants. And muslim ones at that. Why, we all know that all muslims are terrorists. Hell, ALL non catholics are terrorists! Let's go bomb every non Jesus lover off the face of the earth. Jackass. So, by demonising refugees and locking them in the desert in tin sheds for periods of 5 years at a time, he won the election in a flood of redneck paranoia. So why not keep doing it. In fact, let's not just "protect our border" (neverminding that Australia signed a treaty with the UN allowing refugees to come to Australia for asylum) let's ATTACK SOMEONE ELSES! I'm sure that won't go down badly at all. Hell, let's launch a FULL SCALE NUCLEAR WAR. Oh wait, we don't have nuclear weapons. We have DIESEL SUBMARINES YOU FUCKING MORON. Do you hate our Prime Minster too? Then leave your vodka fuelled hate in the forum. This may even lead to a series of Anti Australian Government comics. I try to stay away from political humour as it just doesn't last very well, but hey, the moron deserves it. Go and vote before you check out the latest bizarre linkage, WE DRINK RITALIN!. God I love this song.
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