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163: Yes I KNOW it's not funny
Yes I KNOW it's not funny

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Urrrggghhh. No. Funny. Left. Yeah, I know this one sucks. It seemed a lot funnier at 3am after doing an assload of maths and trying to figure out what on earth boring lecturer #400 was trying to mumble out of his ass. Seriously. You've got a goddamn microphone! That doesn't mean mumble MORE to compensate. I think I've finally worked out my timetable, so fate decided to TAKE IT UP A NOTCH and fuck me over with wave after wave of unrelenting boredom. And yes, it's gotten so bad that even my sleep, the only refuge from the constant drudgery has begun to suck. I haven't had that particular dream yet, but I HAVE had the dream where it's exactly like I'm at uni, except that I'm on fire. And being whipped. And it's just as boring as ever. It's like going to uni for 18 hours instead of just 10. I sure do love those 8-6 days. Is that 10? I can't count anymore. What's next fate? The toaster will electrocute me each morning when I sleepily try to make breakfast? Oh wait, THAT ALREADY HAPPENS. Damn toaster. I think fate is determined to make me the next Keir. And on an unrelated note, Keir, if you're reading this, come home. We miss you. Especially little timmy. He's, uh, dying! And has incurable cancer. Head cancer. Yadda yadda vote yadda yadda yadda yadda Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah forum blah blah blah bizarre linkage blah. And I think that quote is too wide too.
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[17:29] <Goonigoogoo> now to install the 3 gig office assistant plugin so my paperclip can sing dance and fuck my sister while snorting cocaine off her tits!
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