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164: BAM!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, uh, me Moth, dacquin and m3w were on this irc channel talking about texas justice when the subject of wacky judges came up. More importantly, wacky texas judges who wield shotguns instead of gavels. In fact, he did up a special shotguntastic comic. I was going to do something too, but since I couldn't draw judge judy, I decided to do...JUDGE EMERIL! He'll give you justice and tasty recipes! Okay, maybe this is another case of something that was funnier in my head than on paper. Uh, internet. Shit. I don't know. Gif or something. On gif. Anyhoo, due to my carazy time table, I've found that I can no longer enjoy my last refuge of the damned. Sleep. Sooo, with no energy left, I've been finding it hard to make with the funny. Or maybe it is funny and I just can't laugh anymore. I can't tell anymore. Blurgh. Need sleep so bad. Umm...well, go vote, visit the forum and check out the bizarre linkage, donated by Beerman. Owie.

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Wait, I could've sworn lawyer guy's eyes focused properly previously. Hmmm

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[12:23] <chaoticset_penis> I am chaoticset's penis. I am fiercely beaten three times a day.
[12:23] <GenocidaLove> HAHAHAHAHA
[12:23] <chaoticset_penis> I also haven't seen a vagina in two years..
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