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165: Blargh x3
Blargh x3

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Glurggghh. Yet another unfunny comic. And yes, I do feel like punching myself for making such crap, and yes, my hair does look like that when I wake up. You know what a cement burial is, right? You know, with the cement, and the harbour and the dropping. Cement shoes. Sleeping with the fishies. You get the idea. Well, it was 11pm when I started making this comic and now its around 3am. I guess. I'm trying to tell the time but my eyes won't focus. Hm, I've got an 8am class tomorrow, which means I'll have to be up at 6 to make it. Shit. Wait. Today. Stupid morning thing. Ummm...there may not be a new btc for a while what with the lazy and the no sleep and the no funny and the mw-hey and the floiben. Where was I? It's goddamn dark, freezing and I hate getting out of my nice warm bed for 8am maths. Damn you winter, damn you to pancake heck. There's a thread in the forum just for you readers. What should you be called? Dpad has padlings and Sluggy Freelance has sluggites. What do YOU wanna be called? Leave you message in the forum, because after I put the final vote to it, I ain't changing you sons of bitches. New banner in the downloads section. One of Duke. I think it was from a book or something. I forget. Aight. I'm gonna try and catch some sleep before I, say, get struck by lightning indoors or something. Vote every single goddamn day and maybe I'll make some funnier comics if I know that they're appreciated.. Dual bizarre linkages, courtesy of Beerman from buckfutter. Maybe I was supposed to make that other word the link. Meh, go check out Hoohah (3.2 megs), and then, if you're not disturbed enough, go and have a look see at Yatta (~8 megs). Mmm. Disturbing. And if anyone knows the music being played in Hoohah, tell me. I desperately need it in mp3 so I can aurally torture myself. Hoohah!
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