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171: I wonder what's for dinner
I wonder what's for dinner

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Sweet, jesus look at that, it's a...
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Sex being six, such as sextet of course. Yes, I apologise for the lack of comicry, but Mr Shroom has been filling in quite nicely while I organise the mahem that is my life. I wasn't up for a "normal" comic, so I basically just five rants. Mmm. Once you open the floodgates it's damn near impossible to get them closed. Trust me, read from the first rant and those first panels will make a lot more sense. I don't believe I've done a sextacular update in quite a while. I'll try and keep this newspost short as it's 4am and my fingers hurt. Since people don't seem to want to come willingly to the forum, I figured a good steaming dose of controversy will draw in the chatty ones. Hey, maybe they'll even get their angry friends along. That's right my pretties, get offended. All of you! Jesus hates you all! Hey, it worked for Jerry Springer, didn't it? I'll try and have a "normal" comic up sometime within the next 7 days. If I can motivate myself to draw again, and as long as no unexpected horrors (read: surprise assignments) pop up again. Seeing as I made 5 comics for you (and uploaded one made by one of you), the least you could do is just give me two teensy little clicks? One vote is all I'm asking from each of you. But hey, if you've got more, I'm not picky. Alrighty. Now for some sweet sweet sleep. Check out the bizarre linkage, Mullets Galore. Ladies and gentlemen, the Bogan is alive, well and he wants some VB.
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[12:49] <hipnotoad> Why dont people talk to me anymore
[12:50] <Goonigoogoo> I talk to you deon
[12:50] <Beerman> because you're bitter... or salty... or something...
[12:50] <hipnotoad> Goon i know, but sometimes i need more than talk, i need...
[12:50] <Goonigoogoo> money?
[12:50] <Beerman> someone who isn't me lick him
[12:50] <Goonigoogoo> sex?
[12:50] <KAboomy> sex?
[12:50] <Beerman> its sex
[12:50] <Beerman> is it sex?
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