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175: Anudder troo stori
Anudder troo stori

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
ARRGGHhhh. This isn't so much funny as it is yet another example of fate spitting in my face before attacking me with a claw shrimp. There'll be a funny one next update. Quiverying angry eyebrows are trademark, patent pending, copyright yadda yadda yadda of Keir Broadfoot. Jesus. I swear fate has lost interest in keir and is trying to make me it's bitch. Sheesh. Lousy string of mishaps. Oh that reminds me, I did up some fan art for him a while back. And fixed up his art page too. Where was I? Ah yes. I was going for the all time high score in this online tetris game, the current high score being in the 200,000 range. So, I manage to survive the last super hard level, and in fact totally make it "my bitch" to borrow a term from, uh, homies. I finally stopped at 1.2 million so I could totally crush any other chances of topping that high score, as you do, plus my arm really really really hurt. Anyhow, I throw the game at 1.2 million to give myself a nice round 1 million point lead when lo and behold it COMPLETELY FAILS TO RECORD MY GODDAMN SCORE. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH. 3 HOURS AND 1.2 MILLION POINTS DOWN THE TUBE!!! To give you a general idea of how much effort that was, it took over 600 lines to get that high. BLArrrgghh. So full of hate. WHY!!! WHY DO YOU HATE ME JEEBUS?! I could feel the bile rising up my throat and into my brain as it COMPLETELY FAILED TO ACKNOWLEDGE MY SCORE. I'LL GET YOU SOME DAY, OLD MAN! JUST YOU WAIT!! BWAAAHAHHAHAAAAA!!!!!! If my life were an anime like, say, dragonball z, that would have been the point at which I snapped and yelled a lot with my hair going yellow. There was just so much anger at that point I was seeing veins in my clutched fist which I hadn't ever seen before. Needless to say, I took out some of my well founded anger on my poor punching bag. I think at the end it was bleeding. Oh wait, that was my blood. Nevermind. And before you ask, yes, I DID yell 'NOOOOO' very, very loudly, along with other things which I can't publish on a family website. Not that timmy is exactly family friendly, but what the hell. 20 minute long strings of obscenities usually don't go down well. And hey, you see tampon ads on tv all the time. Okay. I've got some tests to study for and some assignments due in. Go to the forum and vote on what you readers should be called. Righto, vote every day and maybe I won't leave timmy up for another week. Bizarre Linkage
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[13:13] <^BahamutDuo^> the controls for britny's dance beat on ps2 are: X = dance, O = dance, /\ = dance, [] = dance
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