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183: For the ladies
For the ladies

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hiya Cheesites. Semi regular updates ahoy! Are you voting each and every day yet? Today's comic introduces Woodrow, the perfect man. Or what I think women see as the perfect man anyway. I think this means I'll have to update the cast page as well. Ah screw it, I'll do it later. Anyway, this particular assault on my heterosexuality by myself was caused by this thread in the Sara and David forums (a very good comic, btw, go check them out). Basically, the gist of the thread was that all these male comic artists have these strong, intelligent female type leads but have them wearing skimpy clothing all the time for no apparent reason. What is it with society and saying a woman can be everything a man can be, as long as she's extra hot and has an impossible figure (ala Lara Croft)? So, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I introduce Woodrow to the fray. He's a master of everything, super intelligent and looks like a chippendales dancer. Thanks to Kitsune of the #3fs irc channel for giving me an idea of what the female populace looks for in a man without me having to delve into the world of homoeroticism any further than absolutely necessary. AAAAAnyway...Opinions? Leave them in the forum or I'll kill each and every one of you. Okay, I'm off again. Here's your bizarre linkage, Farang Ding Dong, home of the Asian H cups. Just to make sure I'm not turning gay or anything just yet.

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Good idea, Woodrow's first appearance! But no, wrong character

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