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185: Guess who's back, back again...
Guess who's back, back again...

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Wahey! Are you all voting as thanks for all these quality comics I put out for free? Fine then. Be that way. Before I get on with the newspost, I must remember to give mad mad props to Fenris over at Aikida. He's linked me numerous times and even snuck my comic into a few of his. Check out his fantasstic artwork. Mmm. Ass. The good kind. Now, on with the show. If you don't know, I did up a quick cameo strip over at dpad. To be honest, I wasn't planning to do one, which is why it's a bit nonsensical. Well....more nonsensical than usual. And I should've slapped my url onto the bottom as well. Ah well. Here's how it went down:
[09:03] <yiddles> I need to do prep work for my new job
(I'm starting Monday), so comicry probably wont happen tonight
[09:04] <yiddles> they're kinda tossing me into the deep end right
from the get go :o
[09:04] <Goonigoogoo> let ME do a comic!
[09:04] <Technogen> Who didn't see that comming?
[09:04] <Goonigoogoo> me me me!
[09:04] *** Zaerion ([email protected]) has joined #dpad
[09:04] <yiddles> goo: go for it
[09:04] <Goonigoogoo> wooo
Yeah, that took a whole 2 seconds to think that one through. Note to self: Don't go into a profession where lives are involved. AAAnyway, go enjoy joe's work. Now I say! Well, this comic marks the return of everyone's favourite side character, Violent Bob. Funk Machine (You know, the guy from the forum) has been asking me for a while to bring him back, but I could never be bothered re-arting him. With this two week "study" break, I've got all the time I need to work on the comic. And hopefully study too. Meh, I'll do it next week. Violent Bob of course hasn't been seen since the new art took over. To be precise, I believe this was the last comic he was in. Mmm. Old. Anyway, enjoy. I've updated the faq, downloads and cast pages as well (about time) and included everyone's, uh, other favourite Woodrow. Okay, until next time Cheesites, enjoy. Check out the Bizarre Linkage donated by rune of fragtopia fame, the man with 37 Operating Systems. Good god, and I thought dealing with 2 was hard. Oh, and Supplementary Log Humour, Bitrate Mike's camp shennanigans!

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OOH, NEW Violent Bob's first appearance! Now you're getting the idea! Maybe having the changes files nearby might help

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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[11:55] <AirsickMoth> seriously, i'm checking out some gay porn right now. gay transformers furries porn. sonic the hedgehog just raped casper.
[11:55] <Goon|tryingtodraw> no! not casper!
[11:56] <Goon|tryingtodraw> where does bumblebee come into it?
[11:56] <M3wThr33> is so dead now
[11:56] <M3wThr33> No good floods in a long time now
[11:57] <M3wThr33> Err...
[11:57] <M3wThr33>
[11:57] <AirsickMoth> bumblebee is doing both those construction workers
[11:58] <AirsickMoth> they're pretty limber for a father and son having sex with a twelve-foot-tall volkswagen
[11:59] <AirsickMoth> and i'm spent.
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