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186: Kajambo indeed
Kajambo indeed

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Ow, my goddamn hand. If you'd been to the forum, you'd have noticed that sticky notice at the top advertising the TWC book. 6.125 x 4.125 (inches) constraints, minimum of 300dpi, preferred 600dpi. If you have no idea what that means, it's the size of your average garfield book. The dpi part was alien to me at first. Most screens are either 72 or 90dpi, so blowing the file up to 600 makes it about a hojillion times as big. Seriously, it's a 3676x2476 file. Unless you have a 21 inch monitor running at some insane resolution, there's no way you can see the whole thing at once. Now guess how large a file that makes. Yep, a 28 meg bitmap per comic, and god knows how large a photoshop file (Photoshop bundles in all sorts of extra crap with its files). Being a modem user, that automatically puts me out of winning, seeing as preferential treatment is given to filetypes in this order: .psd/.psp > .bmp > .tif. Guess which one I submitted. Yeah, the one that supports compression. Duhh, 28 meg file or a 2 meg file. It's a really tough question. I'll need to use a lifeline on this one. Okay, enough bitching about that. Damn broadbanders. Always getting the breaks. Flash supports vector graphics, so you could make nice small images (and therefore files) and resize them as large as you want with no loss of quality but noooo. It has to be photoshop. Oh right, I was going to stop. Anyhoo, I did up 4 comics (well, 3 1/2, the 4th one sucked so I stopped halfway) yesterday which was why I'm late with this update. What with my hand hurting and all. Are you voting every single day because of all the work I do for you reader type people? There's no real explaination to this comic. I have no clue where it came from. But wouldn't an attack lion rule? Oh, and I finally figured out how to make text in flash without a stupid border around it. Turns out I'd selected the setting. HAAHAHA. I'm a Jackass. AAAAnnyway. My "study" break is almost over and I've done no study. Go me. 4 more weeks and then exams start. If you want to do a guest strip, you know where to find me (coughcough THE GODDAMN FORUM cough). Righto, Bizarre Linkage. I know it's a bit old, but I lost the link.
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<Kitsune> i wouldn't mind someone doing my corpse
<Kitsune> if they're gonna go through the trouble to get my body, hey, let them have a good time
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