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187: I'm such an ass
I'm such an ass

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, those goddamn furries make me sick. With their sexual turnons being different to mine. Yecch. It disgusts me. Don't like it? Well, you know, there's a forum.... Seriously though, I don't care. You could get turned on by women stomping on bugs (I spared you the link. It exists. Uggh) and it's fine with me. Just don't expect me to love it too. A certain playa hata made an anti-furry comic the other day and started yet another flame filled volley o fun in their forums. The same thing happened with this PA strip a while back, with people saying 'hey, furry ain't so bad' on their boards, followed by 'uh huh' 'nuh uh' 'is too' 'is not' 'you smell!' 'llama!' Mmm. Intelligent conversation. Aaaanyway, just don't go into those forums as a general rule of thumb. So, being the wiseass that I am, I decided to try my hand at a Kurtz style 'let's piss people off' strip. Okay, it didn't really work as well, as you can see I'm still very much makin fun of myself and the whole controversy strip(tm) in general. With a Kurtz strip, you can't tell if he's being serious or not. And once the flames start in the forum, he keeps acting the ass until suddenly Wahey! It's all a joke. Yeah great. I'm not sure exactly what the fourth panel means. I think it's something to do with even though they're just cartoon characters, you can't put your words to your character's mouths and hope that people think that it's the characters unfounded views. And old man jowls are hard to draw. I saw the season finale of Enterprise last night (Season 1, I'm in Australia), and dayam, that's what all the episodes should be like. Time travel and all sorts of gadgets and stuff. It's great! Then again, I'm not complaining when they do those convenient camera shots of Jolene Blalock's breasts and ass. Mmmmm....where was I? Oh right, check out the hyper-133t aim buddy icons tate did up in the reader input section. Man, I haven't updated that in a while. I blame you. Also, if you're a dbz fan, check out the music vid by Revolvyerom right here. Better hurry, it's on angelfire and I'm sure they'll take it down quickly. Aaaanway. I may go to sleep now. It's pitch black and I think wolves are hunting me. Remember to vote all the time. Failing that, follow Beerman's fantabulous example and indoctrinate more readers. Yes my pretties! ATTACK! MWAHAHAHAHA. Remember, there'll be a distinct lack of comicry in a month when exams start, so if you wanna do a guest strip, inquire in the forum. Here's your bizarre linkage, I don't know what the hell the title is, donated by Fenris over at Aikida. Get well soon man. You'd better make good on that Aiki stripping promise!

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