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192: What the hell am I drinking?
What the hell am I drinking?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
What the hell is wrong with me? Hitler force indeed. And I always imagined Hitler spoke in the third person. Hm, I've been reading too much Bob the Angry Flower. Hitler Force. Sheesh. Maybe it's time to stop mixing crushed up amphetamines into my coffee. Okay, 2 more weeks of torturous uni left, and then exams start. Woo. And I don't even get to enjoy said torturous weeks because they decide to pile up the assignments. Fuckers. So....btc updates will be few and far between. If you vote for me all the time, then I'll make funnier comics. Really. Remember this brutal crime against me-anity? Well guess what, I totally didn't learn my lesson. But at least this time it recorded my obscenely high score of 1.8 MILLION points. Ah, I love shouting million. 1.8 MILLION points I say! 1000 lines! Level 10! ahahahaa! Take THAT snafu dave! While tetris was a complete, obscene success, I was dethroned from my rightful place at #1 at Space Invaders (go look). I refuse to lose to someone called 'Omglol' DAMNIT! REFUSE you hear me. Arrggh. Damn you Fuitad, you'll be the death of me. Can't...move...fingers. Lousy 100k lead. I'll get you yet. Okay, me need sleep now. Remember to check out the forum regularly for pressing announcements and stuff. And here's your bizarre linkage, FOO'!
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<Beerman> bring me Americas Army?
<Banshee`> I can bring you canadas army
<Beerman> awww, but I have rocks and sticks anyway
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