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So long, and thanks for all the fish
A look back
Okay, this was the very first strip I ever did. Before this, I had done countless numbers of random doodles, occasionally short stories where the protagonist always died in the end because I could never wrap things up properly, and killing off people is usually the best way to tie up loose ends. The preliminary 4 comics (the 4th never made it to the internet. I just didn't think it cut the proverbial mustard) were done up on a sheet of lined school paper during an Applicable Mathematics class during year 12. I showed them to my friends, and it made them laugh, so I decided to publish them on the internet, giving the links for my other friends to read. Jesusman was actually a one panel joke I had made up a few months earlier, who had gotten rather favourable responses comedy-wise, so I decided to add him to the cast.

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Uh huh, I'm gonna link you to the one I changed. Get crackin'!

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<BRMike> I used to write erotic fan fiction involving punky and zack from saved by the bell
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