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20: Up yours, Klaus
Up yours, Klaus

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
A look back
I made this after my bastard driving tester guy failed me. That bastard. His comments are 'You're doing 63 (kmh) in a 60 zone" Which I maintain to this day was because the moron was looking at the speedo at an angle, thus making the needle look higher than it was. "You're going too fast", and "You're going too slow". Ironically, 3 tests later (on my 4th go), I got him AGAIN, and not only did he go "is this your first test?" to which I barely managed to refrain from screaming at him at the top of my lungs "NOT THANKS TO YOU, YOU MORON!", but he actually passed me. Stupid fate, with it's irony. I was going to do a comic on passing, but never got around to it. Besides, with what I had in mind, only me and a select few would've understood the particular hand gesture 'o victory.
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* Beerman smiles
<Beerman> if by "smile" you mean "frozen grimace of terror"
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