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200: WOOHOO x2

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Holy poo! Strip 200! And they said I wouldn't last three weeks. You know where they all are now? ALL. DEAD. How'dya like that fellas? EH EH? Seriously though, I've been having a mediocre run of funny lately, and really wish I could've come up with some better material for number 200. Ah well, thems the breaks. I wonder if the nipple tassle woman will get me kicked off my family friendly mirrors. Eh, whatcha gonna do. Tony from the #3fs irc channel was allegedly working on a php script for me, so I was hoping to have it ready for you all by the time 200 rolled around, but I guess that's another plan down the tube. Remember, if you're not going to vote for me at TWC, then at least vote for me in Rocket Box Top Comics! Alrighty. Now I'm on holidays and have had a nice little stretch of my artistic wings (the past 3 have all been hand drawn. No stock art!), I'm going to kick off the storyline soon. What storyline you say? Oh just you wait. Wait like a fox! And besides storylines which I usually plan out ahead of time so they don't end stupidly, I really AM flying by the seat of my pants here. Just hope that random funny things keep popping into my head so I can keep up with the comic making. Okay, I guess that's all the news I have for now. Visit the forum and check out the latest bizarre linkage, the duct tape page! Enjoy.

Search for the replaced btc
Good idea, 400 / 2 = 200. But no, this isn't the replaced btc either.

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[12:44] <Goonigoogoo> world peace? pfft
[12:44] <SandyCheeks> hahaha
[12:44] <SandyCheeks> i dream of whirled peas
[12:44] <Goonigoogoo> let's see
[12:44] <Goonigoogoo> Sandy using me for sex....or world peace
[12:44] <G0D> Goonigoogoo I would dream of world peace of it ment SandyCheeks got to wonder around with out a shirt on.
[12:44] <Dest> Sex.
[12:44] <Goonigoogoo> World peace.....sandy
[12:44] <Goonigoogoo> hmmm
[12:44] <Goonigoogoo> tough
[12:44] <Dest> Sex.
[12:44] <SandyCheeks> hahaha
[12:44] <SandyCheeks> STOP IT ALL OF YOU
[12:44] <SandyCheeks> p.s. keep going
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