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205: Here we go again...
Here we go again...

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
You're at the beginning of a storyline!
Jesus god! look at that orange font! Doesn't it just send a cold shiver up your spine? Yessireee. Jesusman kidnapped. I wonder who by. WHO OH WHO? Ah the mystery. The intrigue. The, uh, mystery! Yeah, some of these are gonna suck. I'm going to be upfront with you. Coherent plotlines really aren't my strong point. But I've got a whole backlog of jokes that I finally compiled into one semi-logical storyline, so stick around and maybe you'll like it. 95% funny stuff. I promise....Okay, 85%.....Fine, 80%. But that's still a high percent. And you'll understand the jokes a lot more if you watch some Dragonball Z. For example, today's comic features overacting narrator man. Overacting narrator man talks as though TURNING THE PAGES IN A BOOK COULD BE THE MOST DIFFICULT THING ANYONE HAS EVER ATTEMPTED BEFORE!!!111 CAN HE DO IT?!?!!!!!!!. Yeah. It really doesn't work in text. Watch some episodes and you'll see. The btc cams page has had a much more favourable response than I was expecting. One more cam slot and I'll be forced to make a page 3. Granted, many are from the dpad cam portal, but hey, they're the people I hang out with, so there's bound to be overlap. Ummm....WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU!? Seriously though, if you want to join, just e-mail me the cam address and where you want it to link to. That's pretty much it. I'll try and keep a semi regular schedule, but there may be more than 3 updates a week, as once I get started, it's hard to stop. And I've been wanting to do this for a while. Just check back every day. Hehehehe...Fools. Ah shit I'm typing instead of thinking again. While I'm on the subject of updates and holy poo, Keir. Goddamn. Updated!!! That's right! the high ping bastard himself has cracked open the mystical photoshop of doom and provided us with funnay once more. Our only hope is that he can somehow keep up this hectic trimonthly update schedule. And that's one update every 3 months, not 3 per month. Could be worse. He could be pulling a Bitrate. July indeed. Talking about Keir, crazy guitar music is copyright, registered trademark, etc of Keir and Keir subsidiaries. Before I forget, Lorraine from Avion Studios e-mailed me the other day. Check out her artwork, it's really really good. Seriously, I can't even hope to get anywhere near this level of professionalism. The shading, the people, the drawing! It's all good! Okay. Remember, if you want super secret insider info on the storyline visit the forum and/or the irc channel. If you want proper, less cryptic answers, go to the irc channel and ask me live. I may be more forthcoming. Are you sure you're all voting at Rocketbox? I've dropped to number 6! And I've pretty much given up on anyone voting at TWC. Here's your bizarre linkage, and before I forget, There's always time for mac bashing.
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[16:56] <Beerman> I'm so cool you could keep a side of meat in me for a month
[16:56] <Beerman> so does anyone want to stick their meat in me/.
[16:56] <Beerman> ?
[16:56] <Beerman> no?
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