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206: *yawn*

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Urgh. This is part of the 20% of the crap which I talked about last newspost. Ie; plot development. Since I've decided to take a less halfassed approach to this storyline (to prevent cop out endings), I realised I actually needed to have a semi coherent plot to go with it. Thus, this is my attempt at plot development. Shut up. I've heard it. And yes, back by popular request (Slack's friend Haley to be specific), it's violent bob! His name is Bob! He's violent! It's all good! Aaanway, one, maybe two more crappy strips before we get to the juicy part. Really. And yes I know Sancho didn't have a speaking part in yesterday's comic. I'm going to be using him later on so I wanted to get in some practise on drawing him, plus to get you people used to seeing him again. The same goes with wang in today's strip. Check out the orgasmalicious btc cams page regularly, and it you want to be part of it, details are on the bottom of each page. I've listed my e-mail enough, and I'm getting pretty damn sick of these stupid spambots grabbing my address and filling my inbox with crap. Oh, and I've updated the FAQ. I still hate you, beer. What's the deal in the forum? Nobody's starting any threads. Don't be afraid! I'm not going to bite your head off. Go wild and start some new topics or something. I recently listened to Kris' latest masterpiece, every thursday at 7pm PST, Moth radio!. Don't click that. Uh, copy the link and paste it into winamp under 'play location'. There ya go. The man is like some sort of concentrated funny, which has been soaking in a vat of funny for the past year and allowed to age thoroughly before being peppered in...well you get the idea. He's better at it than I am. And not that I want to raise any more questions about my heterosexuality than absolutely necesarry, but he is a sexy, sexy man. Sexy. Uh oh. Better do something to make you think I'm not gay. Ummm I love titties! Yeah! Farang Ding Dong! Breasts rule!! Okay....that should fool 'em. Good save. I'll make some funny strips soon. I promise. Okay, you know the 'I'm leaving' drill. Vote at rocketbox,, twc, and here's your bizarre linkage. Ta ta. (There's good stuff in the future. Really. Please, just give me another week. I can do better! I promise!)
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<Rev|Cinema> a lot like the time I walked in on my friend viewing a picture of a very sexy woman on a Ducati bike
<Rev|Cinema> and he was carefully editing out the woman with another picture of the bike by itself that he had
<Rev|Cinema> she was in the way, you see
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