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210: Identity Revealed
Identity Revealed

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Jesus God! Sancho's dead! What are we ever to do? And yes, finally the identity of the mysterious kidnapper is revealed. Raelian eh? How can an entire religion/cult/following thingummy be a bad guy? Well wouldn't you like to know. If only you knew where this was leading. Yessiree. What a cheap, stupid, moronic plot twist. And I ain't breaking any funny records here. Although it was satisfying to get hot rod's decapitated head flying through the air. That damn bastard got Optimus Prime killed. Aaaaanway, I believe that's all of the necessary boring plot shit out of the way, so now I can concentrate on the jokes again. Now that I don't have to worry about making sure everyone gets the jokes, I can make with the funny. And in some cases, the sexy art. I think I just said the same thing twice, just using different words. Ah well. And for you dbz fans, yes, I do mean senzu beans. Honestly, if those beans can cure all your injuries I don't see why they don't go into battles with about 40 case fulls. It's not like they don't need them. Every single time they come up against an enemy, everyone always gets half dead within a few minutes. Usually Yamcha. Man he sucks. Okay people, I've done a solid week of updating things for you, and I'm gonna take a little break, since my hands really goddamn hurt. Sorry to leave you hanging, but them's the breaks. Breaks being my knuckles which have apparently fused together.There's still hundreds of copyrights out there that I've yet to violate. And people to offend. Maybe I'll get started on that breakdancin' pope picture. Better get busy. Righto. I had a quick glance through the raelians site before I started this storyline. I actually should've looked more thoroughly, but I'm a lazy whore. On the surface, they're another ufo cult, but they do raise some interesting questions. Most of them are 'what are you drinking with your scotch and bleach?' but there's some standard sci fi added to the mix as well. And you can't go wrong with sci fi. Church is boring, but church with SPACE LASERS?! I'd sure as hell show up every sunday. And if we're meeting aliens who also have space lasers, then hell, the only thing better would be if they were all ninjas. Or if they hooked me up with an Angelina Jolie clone. Mmmmmmm. And what if they're right? What if we're all just the result of a genetic experiment?! What if all those prophecies and stories in the bible and other holy books were just those people's way of describing advanced future technology? What if this thing that looks like a sandwich isn't really a sandwich? I'm gonna have to just take that risk. Mmm. Bacon. Besides, if you don't believe it (like me), you can just pretend it's all one really detailed sci fi novel. But more interactive. There ya go. Well, Hopefully the new layout should be nice and spiffy for you. More importantly, it should be working smoothly after I spent this solid week checking and rechecking all the files. I may have to remove the back/home/next buttons from either the top or the bottom. The server has to calculate that every time, and if it's doing it twice each time and suddenly there's a readership jump (it could happen), shtank might get dead again. And I don't think shutting down bryce's server is gonna keep me in his good books. If you've been a good cheesite, and visited the forum regularly, you would have been able to get a sneak peek at the php, and also a myriad of other things which will come in future. Big things! SECRET things! mmm mmm! Seriously though, there's been a little question I've posed about whether the background should be blue or orange. So far the blues outnumber the oranges about 15 to 2, but I'm willing to change my mind, considering all I have to do is rename the background file. So go ahead and place your vote. And added to the links section is Sara and David. Quite possibly the only 3d anime gamer/drama webcomic in existance. If not, it's certainly the best. And mad mad props to Alex for hookin me up with this gangstalicious php script. Word. Uh, nigga homiez yo. Well, it's 4am and I've been working on btc in either website or comic form for an entire week Sleep for me. Vote at rocketbox and twc because you love me. And because I put in all this work for you for absolutely no pay whatsoever. Working countless hours for your benefit. Are you feeling any guilt yet? I'm pretty bad at this. I think I bizarre linked this before, but what the hell. Enjoy.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[16:10] <Dece_Ryu> Maybe he just gets SO much e-mail that mine gets lost in the shuffle
[16:11] <BR_Aaron> or maybe its the fact that you titled your email "100% FUCKING FREE PORN ANAL PIKACHU FISTING"
[16:11] <NinjaGoon> lol
[16:11] <yidPATC> ryu: no, he always replies to me within a couple hours
[16:11] <Dece_Ryu> Or maybe I should stop sending my mail with subject lines like "Hot gay porn in your mailbox!"
[16:11] <Dece_Ryu> Damn you Aaron
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