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211: Ah, reused jokes
Ah, reused jokes

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Hey hey cheesites. Sorry for missing an update, but then again, nobody ever notices anyway, so what the hell. Before I get started, I must point out I've been added to the links page of the illustrious Joe Sunday. Yes, THAT Joe Sunday. Of Sluggy Freelance fame. Now before I go off into my delusional fantasy world, he didn't discover me or anything, He was just offering some of the empty space in his links page and I asked nicely. The story was going really good up until that whole truth part. AAaanway. Check out his art section! Do it! It's putting me to shame. Right now! Seriously, it's somehow jumped out of the interweb and has been harassing me for the past three hours. Well, this comic had a nice effect going for it, until I remembered that when a browser centers the image, it centers the whole image, including the invisible part. So there goes that nice little effect. And sorry to 800x600ers. I just really always wanted to have a smashing someone out of the comic panel comic. Like I said before, I was going to make this an all fresh-art storyline, but the sheer christmas lazy has forced me to resort to my old friend, crack. I mean, uh, cut and paste. Yeah. Them. The flow on this comic is horrible. I had about a dozen things I wanted to do all at once in this comic and ended up doing none of them. Okay, I did one comic smashing thing, but I did that before. Except now it looks even stupider. There really has to be some way to focus these ideas into a coherent fashion. And, yes, I already storyboarded this whole thing up. And we are way behind schedule. I don't suppose you've been acting like good cheesites and visited the forum daily?. Well I can tell you're certainly not voting at twc. And I'm not sure about Rocketbox, until the list refreshes. But I'm sure you won't even do this little thing for me. It's all I ask after doing all this free hard work for you cheesites. </guilt> Moving on....Today I had a kickass game (well, as kickass as can be between two high ping bastards) of Bid for Power with a certain Beer man type person. With a dbz mod of course. Avoid the el shitza 200 meg universe pack like the plague. Goddamn 80 models and they all look like ass. Especially android 18. She moves like a freaking action figure. Anyway, back to the point, we were having some fun with power struggles (power struggles being firing two beams at each other, and seeing who will be victorious. Fun for dbz addicts). You can see the results at half power and then, FULL POWAH. The screenshots really don't do it justice. Anyway, once again for all you non dbz fans; Sorry. Well, time for me to catch some sleep. The next update may also be delayed, what with my busy schedule of wallowing in my own crapulence and playing video games. Bizarre Linkage. AIIIEEE MY BRAIN!
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[09:14] <Beerman> I pulled a muscle
[09:14] <Beerman> it felt so good I pulled it again
[09:14] <Beerman> ...
[09:15] <Beerman> ANYway
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