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212: Maybe they won't notice
Maybe they won't notice

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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You see, it's funny because I spent the day playing dbz budokai instead of making the dbz themed comic. Yes, I've got my hands on dragonball z budokai, the hotly anticipated game for the ps2. I've put up a little quasi-review, and also a forum thread about it. Mmm. Anger. I've cooled down a bit from when I wrote it, but still, it bugs me when companies pull this shit. Yeah, you'll notice I sorta gave up after about that really crappy closeup of Thanatos' eye. There's good reasons for that, and one of them was I couldn't think of a punchline. The other is that I can't move my hands anymore from over dbzing. And that's not a euphamism for anything. Man, I could've sworn this storyline would be funnier, but when I'm not steering it away from injokery (the first panel is all dbz quotes, and 'going away present' is the japanese translation for Vegeta's big bang attack. Or something), I've gotta build up some plot. Well, I figure in January this storyline is gonna get better. Where all the concentrated jokes are. Now if I can only pull off the fight scenes covincingly....Anyway, yesterday I came across this little gem. Yeah, in the new piss off your customers sales plan, there's a little section called 'make them bend over and grab their ankles'. I'm not turning off my goddamn popup stopper on your stupid site asshole, and especially not if you tell me to do it. Christ, I can only imagine how many you're gonna pop up. We're holding steady at 5 on Rocketbox, but we can always do better. And guess who's number 1 at twc? Freaking 'that's my sonic'. I'm not even going to have a quick browse of that site, since it'll no doubt rape my childhood memories the moment I set foot on their hypertext. Well, it's 4am and I've finally got the damn comic ready. Me need sleep now. Here's some linkage. It's not bizarre, but it's some damn fine work. And visit the damn forum as well.

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The words in the last panel are in a different order than I remember typing

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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[12:55] <Bacon_Baron> wow...that deon comic was incredibly lame.
[12:55] <KAboomy> nice job
[12:55] <Kitsune|> I know!
[12:55] <KAboomy> and it will piss him off
[12:56] <Bacon_Baron> lame like your nipples.
[12:56] <KAboomy> I predict
[12:56] <Kitsune|> I was bored, sue me
[12:56] <Goonigoogoo> I like her nipples
[12:56] <Bacon_Baron> ok.
[12:56] <Bacon_Baron> expect a call from my people.'
[12:56] <Goonigoogoo> well that sure came out wrong
[12:56] <Bacon_Baron> expect a call from my nipples too.
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