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215: Artalicious

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Now that's some fancy art. And before anyone asks, yes I have been using the Buttlord art as a reference point, particularly in that last panel there. And in that flying one a few strips back. Don't tell anyone, we'll just keep this between you and me, okay? Great. While we're on the topic of keeping things under our hats, don't ask why I read a comic called buttlord. This strip was originally gonna be much longer, showing you the changes between my art and my art with anime attached to it, but then I remembered that I was very very lazy and went to sleep instead. And for that last panel, I was gonna put 'NANI?!', since as both you and I know, 'nani' means 'what'. But I didn't want to leave those other people out of the loop, so I just used the ol' dbz standby of WHAT!? Ah Piccolo. Will the funny ever end? While we're on the last panel, as we all know, the first law of anime is that the laws of physics don't apply. Anyway, if you look to your left you'll notice a nice rocketbox voting image that I stole off Blurry yesterday. I've also signed up for a paypal account, so remember to send any heavy money that's weighing you down over to me. It's dangerous work, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Seriously though, I don't have a credit card, so I don't think I can actually do anything with any donated money until I get one. But hoo boy, there'll be some serious crediting going on when I do.....which is actually a good reason for me not to get a credit card. Hang on, I have a headache. AAANYWAY this is most likely the final strip for 2002, and isn't it just real purty like to look at? The second panel aura was a lot more impressive before the palette limitations demons got to it. In any case, All the practise I've been doing will hopefully pay off so I can keep up the quasi-anime style. And maybe I won't forget that in anime everyone has 5 fingers on each hand, not 4. Damn japanese and their properly drawn anatomy. Oh, by the way, has anyone seen this shit yet?. Holy fuck, I was way ahead of the pack this time, considering I've been planning this Raelian storyline for about 3 months now. I sure can spot 'em. Ah, those crazy-ass raelians and their cloning adventures. Haven't they seen Attack of the Clones?! The clones will all develop kiwi accents! THINK OF THE CHILDREN DAMNIT! YOU MANIACS!! Well, that's enough ranting from me. Okay, maybe a little more. I updated the Dbz Budokai review. Goddamn Mr Popo. I hate you. You can talk about all relevent points of interest in the forum, naturally. Well, it's time for me to grab some sleep before I start working on the next comic, aka the first for 2003. Vote at twc before you check out the Bizarre Linkage
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