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217: There's always time for Angelina
There's always time for Angelina

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Argh. Again, sorry for the large image file cheesites, but I sure do love those photoshop effects. Before I go into my poorly planned train of thought newspost, I'd like to thank the fan art submissions from Josh and Haley. You = sexx0r. And so on. By the way, don't recaps totally kick ass? You can use old material and pass it off as new stuff. it's brilliant. Panels 3 and 4 were originally supposed to be 5 and 6, with 3 and 4 being Thanatos and the Raelian smacking the ground, and Duke dragging Thanatos off somewhere....but then I got lazy. Okay, lazier. Talking about lazy, according to my latest estimation, this storyline will take us to somewhere at the end of January, or early february at the latest. And I *planned* this storyline. Imagine how badly I'd be doing if I hadn't plotted this all out in advance...well...mostly in advance. Okay, we're 12 strips into the storyline and only about a third of the way through. Instead of 3/4. Kill me now. Oh, and panel 1's blasty type thing originally had a rocket or two (firework? Is there a singular for fireworks?), but I took it out because it frankly looked too much like a penis. And before anyone asks, Advanced Cloning Techniquru (besides being advanced cloning technique with bad japanese accent applied to the word technique) is what the Raelians claim brought jesus back to life. Geddit? Bringing back to life? Aren't I a clever researcher person? Yes, the injokery shall begin soon enough. And yes, that survival rule is true. The inverse also applies. If you say you're going to LIVE FOREVER, you're going to die in a very ironic way. I mean, more ironic than just dying oviously. Remember to read the newsposts if you don't understand anything. I've recently gotten my hands on a sexy new 17 inch monitor, which is a welcome change from the old piece of shit, so maybe I'll be able to draw things without squinting or slowly blinding myself. We'll just have to see. God I love you, 17 inch monitor. Anyway, I'm sure since it's a new year, the rocketbox and twc voting lists have reset, so keep on voting, peoples! We can bolt from the stables like a bolt horse, only without the....ah I'm not going anywhere with this analogy. Okay, Fuitad is still two grand in the hole, so access to the forum could get sketchy at best. You can always get me on irc if you need to, anyway. Well, that's about enough from me. These comics are taking longer to draw, and now it's somewhere between 4 and 5 in the morning. My eyes are too fuzzy to read the clock. Bizarre Linkage. Oh and Darius asked me to link him. Well there ya go.

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[11:30] <PinkMenace> because everybody thinks I have a bloody nose, but I think I have stigmata
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