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218: Hands up if you saw this coming
Hands up if you saw this coming

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Hey hey cheesites. I don't know if the joke is old, or if I'm just desensitised to funny, but the suuuupa fetusuru joke isn't as hilarious as I thought it would be. Meh. Probably just me. I've been getting some complaints in irc recently about the storyline and that I should end it...How can I put this in the nicest possibly way? Let's see, ummmm kiss my ass. I'll end this storyline when I'm good and ready. Ungrateful people. Do you know that these comics take 3 times as long as normal btcs?! This is a labour of love, damnit, so I do take it personally. I can understand if you complain about the strips I slap together in three seconds, but I've been putting in some serious work on the comic and the site lately, and sometimes it's nice to hear some appreciation. (And not just from voting at rocketbox and twc. Ahem). In case you haven't noticed, storylines are my way of spreading my artistic wings, and helping make better comics for you. The robot storyline helped me with continuity. And robots. The 1337 saga helped me with muscular body types, a short stint of anime style, and a brief shot of action. The Webcomiconicon let me emulate other art styles and see how good a mimic I could be. By being able to mimic other styles easily, you can build your own quicker by taking parts of styles that you like. This storyline is my way of learning how to use flash better, how to do action, anime, and a quasi sense of drama. I know storylines are different from the normal gag a day strips you're used to, but they're my own little training exercises. They require continuity and at least some form of an underrunning plot between jokes, which can get in the way of funny at times. The comic has always been a personal outlet/exercise thing for me, and if other people happen to like it, hey, score. But by working on the art more, I can make the strip better by being able to better express some of the jokes I come up with rather than having to try and force everything into a talking heads copy/paste spectacular. Or would you rather I gave up all that 'improving the comic' thing and made every strip look like this?. Here's a good example for you, a slapstick joke I wanted to do, then, six months later the same joke, but the way I wanted it to look originally. Or maybe crappy action 1 vs crappy action 2 vs crappy action 3. I'll get it right some day. When I first started comicing, I couldn't even dream of drawing trucks, or animating a fight or drawing women, let alone two in the same panel! Of course, I didn't expect to be drawing burly men in a thong either, but thems the breaks. Doing the comic the normal way is a slow way to work on the art and thus give you people better comics. Storylines are a way of fast tracking that process for me. Having to draw the character the same each time but from different angles and sizes each time comes in handy later on when I'm back to doing the gag thing. In summation; I love each and every one of you but no, I am not ending the storyline just for you. Deal with it. You'll thank me later. Did I mention I spent a good a good 6 hours reencoding the archive in png so it'd load faster for you? Well, yes I did. From 11.4 megs to 7.85. Quite a nice saving. Most of those 6 hours were spent cleaning up the original btcs. You know, the jpeg oldschool art ones. Damn jpeg artifacts everywhere took forever to get out. Some weren't too happy about it. A few comics took a butchering, but nothing major, usually background details, or a few colours that weren't the same. For some reason the dithering on the text was especially awful, so if any text took too hard a beating and became illegible, or if you spot any other problems (comic not loading, etc) tell me in this thread from the forum. Oh, that reminds me. Since fuitad is taking a severe financial assraping, the forums might be shut down, in which case, We'll have to find another one. Ad free would be preferable, or at least one with popups kept at a minumum. Keep in mind that since nobody has donated, I therefore have no cash to pay for registering an ezboard account or anything else. Well, that's enough whining from me. See you on the next update. Bizarre Linkage.
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