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219: Jew sex machina?
Jew sex machina?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Yep, a mysterious stranger. Now I made a rule with myself that I wasn't going to feature anyone I know just because they asked to be in the strip, but I also broke that rule about doing some form of exercise at least once a week. Yessirree cheesites, it's my friend Ben, otherwise known as Oohoo. Actually, he's the one who got me thinking about a dbz storyline all those months ago, so if you're going to blame anyone for this, blame him. Hehehe. Sucker. And there's some new art over in the random art section that I made up for my homie up in that crazy northern hemisphere place, Fenris. It turns out hands are harder to draw than entire women. Oh well. Now I know that I pimp out the link to the forum all the time, but it would be good if some fresh faces joined us. We won't bite, really. Gnaw maybe, but no biting. You'll notice the complete lack of Duke in the fourth panel (or fifth, if you count that 'action' panel), that's because my hand was seriously giving me some problems at this point. Or my brain, either one. But yeah, he should be in that panel, and he should be on the left. And of course insert various fighting sounds in the background of panel 1, and that crazy powering up sound in the last one. Man I love that sound. PS-SHEEEW. Curses, It doesn't work as well in text. And yes, marvel at my dbz injokery with Thanatos' first panel lines. SUCH....POWER! Have I mentioned how much I love pngs? With paint shop pro, these things compress like a motherfucker. And that's a good thing. Also, by my calculations we should be about 50-60% through the storyline. The last part will go quickly, really. Please come back! I can draw more naked women! That reminds me, people who've seen my cam over at dpad cams page 1 (formerly 3 but I got a promotion) will recognise this joke from a while ago, but I felt it needed to be shared by the wider public. I present to you mangled evil dead quotes to break up the dbz. Yes I know the original quote is "It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all outta gum" but "It's time to kick bubblegum and chew ass, and I'm all outta ass" doesn't have the same flow to it. Aaaanyway, this two day per comic thing is getting annoying, but using a six panel instead of a 4 panel format for each strip lets me blaze through the plot quicker. Oh, another thing; Lately when I've been using flash, I'll hit undo and the entire thing will freeze for about 20 seconds. Then it'll undo it okay, but close all my panels (colour mixer, tools, etc). Does anyone know a) Why it's doing this and b) How to stop it? Well, it's time for me to sleep, even though it appears to be dead, keep voting at rocketbox, but if you're not gonna do that, then concentrate on twc. Bizarre Linkage. It's 17 megs, so unless you're on broadband, paste the link into getright
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[14:11] <afro|sleep> one time, for valentines day, I bought my girlfriend "the star spangled rammer"
[14:11] <KBC> lol
[14:11] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[14:11] <^BahamutD> lol
[14:11] <afro|sleep> 16 inches of pure american loving.
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