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222: Fun with perspectives
Fun with perspectives

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Yes, it was very disturbing drawing my friend naked. Thanks for asking. There'll be some serious fan service (aka; gratuitous T&A) coming up soon so that I can confirm my heterosexuality. On a side note, I tried giving Nat oversized anime boobs, but they turned out only slightly larger than her regular boobs. Huh. And if any legal lawyer type peoples are reading, that's not master roshi in the 6th panel. It's uh...Raster Moshi. Yeah, that should do it. Suckers. In case anyone is unclear; by psudeoscientific, I mean the stuff that sounds vaguely plausible, but with a healthy splash of stupid added to the mix. "Humans were cloned from aliens!" Wow! CLONED! That's, like, science! They must know what they're talking about! Well, this comic took quite a while to draw and is fairly close to what I had envisioned. The third panel looked a lot more spectacular in my mind, but I had no idea of how to draw it. And yes, that's supposed to be tumbleweed. Ever notice how in Anime everyone always talks with their backs facing each other? Why the hell don't they just get the hell out of there while the guy is talking about his plans for whatever it is he's doing. Actually, judging by Oohoo's art in the last panel, you can really tell my hand was giving out on me by then. Hopefully it'll be all rested up for all the female near-nudity I'll be drawing. And why are they all healed up after the first panel? Because of magnets that's why. Magnets and Fundamentalist Christianity heal all wounds. Aaaanyway, that's enough about the comic for now. Don't forget to Vote for me at twc (I think rocketbox is dead, so I won't include it in future newsposts), and keep visiting the forum like good cheesites. And before I forget to mention it, fenris slapped up some extra sexalicious fan art. And also, thanks to fenris for telling me I'd been labelling everything 2002 still, before I realised it sometime in mid august. Oh, and for all those aspiring and current webmaster authors, writers and artists, drop by #rocketbox on sometime for any questions or advice you might need. Bizarre Linkage. And hey! Comic 222. How about that.
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[15:04] <Funk_Machine> My mom was proud as pinch
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