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223: Fun with photoshop
Fun with photoshop

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Glargh my freaking hand. I think I'm unlearning myself how to draw. Yes I know that wasn't a word and it was bad grammar. Thanatos looks great in panels 6 and 8 because he was mostly copying. Do you have any idea how hard it is to draw hands in that position? Oohoo was just blind emulating, no serious copywork there. "Frequency of cancer" is a classic from your pal and mine, Alex Chiu, the drunkenest man alive on how to cure cancer. Ie; Find the frequency of cancer, and shoot a giant laser at the person tuned to exactly that frequency. Because I see nothing wrong with shooting giant flesh destroying lasers at people. "Those children molested themselves" is what I hear in my mind every time I see a priest/bishop on the news deny how he didn't stick mister minipope into that altar boy's no spot. It makes me giggle anyway. Stop looking at me like that. And panel 2 is funny to me because Nat is in a perfect breast bludgeoning position. Actually, Thanatos and Oohoo were supposed to be in there (thus 'you fellers'), except they were too visually distracting. really. It had nothing to do with me being lazy. I stole 'It's go time' from somewhere I can't think of right now. Probably buttlord. Okily dokily. You'll probably notice the serious flow problems lately, because I've been cramming 2 or 3 jokes into one comic. Panel 4 was going to be a comic in itself but with better timing, except I'm pretty much just rushing everything now to get the storyline to the big finish. Mmm. no more continuity soon. I hope you're happy. In case you don't "get it" he's stuffing the "football socks" down his "pants" to make his "penis" look "bigger". Randomly doing "finger quotes" in every "sentence" is lots of "fun". And everyone's favourite Man of Beer has provided us with a very funnerific ZWEE! sound effect. Sure it was 30k in wav, but now it's 9k in mp3, and every k counts. Enjoy! I went to the dentist this morning for an ever so painful scraping. Did I say scraping? I meant cleaning. Anyway, he jammed this hook into my teeth and dragged it back and forth for about 20 minutes. Oh, and I've also apparently got 'impacted wisdom teeth' so I'll need to get them removed. Woopedydoo. So, comicry might be sparse when I go into the surgery and get hopped up on free morphine. Alrighty. Nothing else is coming to mind right now, so vote at topwebcomics, the same place where the forum resides (hint hint). Bizarre Linkage
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[14:43] <Beerman> My dad: "go up?"
[14:43] <Beerman> me: *scroll up*
[14:43] <Beerman> My dad: "no, the other up"
[14:43] <Beerman> me: "you.... you mean... down?"
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