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224: Epic

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Ouch. Holy christ that took a long time to draw. And there's no punchline at the end. But at least there's all the fan service I promised. I have a new appreciation for those anime artist guys who spend hours and hours drawing women getting raped by tentacles. It's fucking hard work! Those goddamn crazy anime women and their crazy anime women poses. You don't want to know how long it took to draw panels 3, 5 and 9. I'm putting Nat in a fucking suit made out of boxes. At least I can draw straight lines. Mostly. And while we're on poses, the 'Fu' part of the fusion dance is REALLY REALLY hard to draw! Seriously! It's obscene. And oohoo has his leg pinned onto his other leg on 'sion', but I couldn't really fit it into the panel without shrinking it and making it not be a closeup anymore. My hand really hurt by the end of it, so I ended up copying the last panel. But I don't care, it looks greta. I know I spelled it greta. I don't care. I didn't draw the Raelian's nose bleeding because...well...he doesn't have a nose. Sorry for being a day late, but I was really busy. And by busy I mean I was staring at the computer screen doing nothing. In any case, these extra large comics take an extra long time to make (a 12 panel, 695x1917 comic = 4 days apparently) . The fusion part didn't really turn out as well as I'd planned it in my mind (except for the last panel, because I copied it exactly), but overall I'm happy with it. And there's a good effect going in that after the first two panels, you can read straight down on either column to get the story. For all you storyline hatas out there, you'll be glad to hear we're nearing the end. Yessirre, I'm wrapping it up soon in a nice clean little package with literally gallons of loose ends. I've also discovered a fun bug in flash mx with extra huge files (1500+ pixels high), when you try and hit undo, it will freeze for about a minute before it undoes the line, but then it also closes all your panels (tools, colour mixer, etc). Anyone know how/why it's doing this? And while I'm searching for obscure software answers, does anyone know why freaking windows explorer in xp keeps adding those 'Date Created' and 'Date Accessed' columns in details view? I keep turning them off, then selecting the 'apply to all folders' view settings, but it still keeps turning the freaking columns on. I mean, the closest I can grasp is whenever I switch to thumbnails view, then switch back to details, it'll occasionally turn the columns back on, but that's not always the case. Meh. Damn you microsoft. If you have any ideas, leave them in the forum. You know, the same place where you're supposed to be voting every single day. Okay cheesites, apparently my wisdom teeth have to come out sometime between now and next month, so I guess comicry will be delayed because of that. Just a heads up if I suddently disappear. If I'm gone for more than two weeks, I've most likely been abducted by the government aliens, or I've died of complications. Hey, it could happen. My old physics teacher died in surgery while they were working on his arm. I'm sure there was a moral to that story, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. Anyway, death bad, not dying in surgery not as bad. Well, the sun's coming up, so I guess that's a sign I should get to sleep. Enjoy the comic cheesites, and I'll see if I can get the next one out on time (I can't). Here's your bizarre linkage donated by Christos. I have no clue what it is. Oh, and 'kawaii' means 'cute'. Think of Sailor Moon transforming naked or something. I couldn't really convey it because I'm incompetant.

Post update update; I received this after I'd already uploaded the comic and news, but I wanted you all to see it before the next update, which could be a while. Go to the reader input section to see some great work donated by insipid

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