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225: The moral of the story is that bodily violation is funny
The moral of the story is that bodily violation is funny

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Glargh. I think skwerrel's log humour is better than the comic, but hey. I'm lazy. Yessiree, we're almost to the end now. Fusions are notorious for getting shit done right. I don't know why they don't just do that at the beginning of the fight instead of getting the shit kicked out of them. Meh. Anyway, I was going to do a background before I realised that nobody exactly looks forward to my flood filled blue skies, and it keeps the filesize down anyway. Plus it's less visually distracting. For those not in the know, if something is pwned, it has been owned, but moreso. They've gotten the shit laid down on them GOOD. And I'd say punching your fist through someone qualifies as a pwn. And don't forget rule #1 in the villainy business; Saying you're the 'ULTIMATE' whatever, or that you're 'INVINCIBLE' is a sure sign that you're going to die. Possibly in an ironic fashion. Maybe involving an explosion or three. And do you ever notice how no matter what sort of shit is happening to them, the japanese schoolgirl getting beaten/raped/tied up/shat on screams blue murder, yet looks like she's really secretly enjoying it. I swear there's some sort of masochistic subculture going on in japan. It could be the genes or something. Christ, look at those game shows where the main purpose is apparently to get as close as you possibly can to killing the contestants. But I digress, this is the first 4 panel comic for a while, and it's because my hand is still all drawn out from tuesday's 12 panel wonder. I'll have a break on the weekend and maybe there'll be something nice on monday. In the meantime, did you check out the fan art sent in by insipid? It kicks the proverbial ass. And does Thanatos look a lot like Eminem in that first pic or is just me? I've also gotten myself a thingunmmy, so check out seven of the worst comics known to man. Actually, people liked that one with the black guy in it. I might add a token black man to the cast. A jewish bisexual french black man. How's that for diversity. And also check out BlurryMystr's site. Alright, I'm gonna catch some much needed sleep. Remember to drop by the forum sometime, and we can share recipes or something. Oh, and vote as well. Here's your Bizarre linkage, donated by that indietasticular wonder, Sloan. Warning; Contains graphic vagina information and/or pictures, plus gratuitous misuse of apostrophes. It's really a good sign when a scientist can't figure out basic english.
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[14:09] <skwerrel> I can't wait for 'Lord of the Rings 4: Hail to the Ring'
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