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227: The missing characters reappear!
The missing characters reappear!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Hey, remember when you asked 'hey, what the hell happened to Jesusman and Duke?' and 'why don't we see wang anymore'? It's because I'm a lazy whooer who can't keep track of his characters. That's why. Are you happy now? I've admitted it. I was going to put in an explaination of Jesusman going to enlist help (ie; Nat, and thus the old man), and Duke collecting the Dragon's balls, but it apparently either completely slipped my mind or I put it in at some point and removed it because it took up too much space. And christ, do you have any idea how hard it is to draw jesusman? I've seriously only drawn him once in his new style, and it's bloody hard to do. Oohoo was a problem as well. I think I used up all my drawing ability for this year all at once. Oh, and Oohoo, tate from 3fs said the goonigoohoo joke sucked balls. I told you it wouldn't work you bastard. In retaliation, I make jesus mock you and your wang. So nyah. And sorry for the vertical scrolling, but more than about 3-4 people in one panel means I can't stick to my normal 750 pixel width. In fact for this entire storyline I don't think I've stuck to the default size except for the first few strips. And insert your own rimshot into panel 2. In fact, just use that program at the end of every comic, and maybe I can get away with shitty jokes. In other news, Keir is freaking updating again! I don't know how long he'll be able to keep it up, so enjoy it while you can. I'm actually his webmaster and let me tell you, what that boy does to html should be against the law. I'm pretty sure there was something vaguely important I was supposed to tell you, but I can't bloody remember it. So whoever it is I'm supposed to be saying/linking something for, I'm really sorry. Tell me in the forum or something. And I still haven't gotten any female character name suggestions (for random woman head #48248b on the bottom right of scrap art file. You'd better go check it now before I update it and rearrange everything. She's pretty much going to be the new female in the cast (if I can figure out how to draw like that regularly), but I need a name first. Alrighty. This storyline is almost over and I've got about 400 hours of backlogged sleep waiting to be caught up on. Don't be all surprised if I miss an update or two after I finish the storyline. After all I managed to keep nearly entirely on schedule for a solid two months. Unlike certain other comics. Check and Mate. Actually, I'll be forcibly updating shtank myself once I finish this storyline, so hang in there will and bryce. Wherever you are. Vote for me at twc! Hey, that rhymed. Okay, Bizarre linkage. So you can irritate all your irc friends.

New News In other news I've just become aware of, I've been linked by Mall Monkeys for the 'WHO ARE YOU' wackiness in the cams page! Thanks heaps for the flood of visitors guys. Now I'd better go and get some more nachos or something.

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