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230: Gratuitous!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Haha. I'm such an ass. Yeah, there's no dear duke (although I guess that I could start one if enough people were interested. Drop me an e-mail or something), and no "Suza" from "Athens". Pfft. Who's ever heard of Athens anyway? It's all a giant hoax or something. Like aliens, cold fusion and canadians. And I know I said I was taking a week off, but apparently I lied. This was easy to draw anyway. And by draw I mean copy and paste. Oh, I recently came across 24 of the original 27 btc bmp files (the first 3 are lost forever), which meant I could make a clean conversion straight to png. Thus some of the mangled comics are now picture perfect again. Not that anyone reads them, but it meant something to me. Anyway, I was looking through the archives when I realised that the entire female population of the strip consisted of Nat, and about 4 random females. 1 transvestite, and Macy Gray. But that's really stretching it. I'm not counting any guest strips or the webcomiconicon. The giant walking ball of estrogen came from a comment made by panda of #3fs on approximately sixty thousand years ago. That's how slowly I work. I'm actually communicating with you all through a time portal so it only looks like I'm updating on time. I could destroy the entire space/time continuum every time I update, so you'd better appreciate it! The talking breasts were the idea of...uh...someone else who I can't remember right now. I forget. And thanks for all the name suggestions, but none of them really seemed "right" in my mind, and she looks like a katrina to me anyway. You'd be a bit irritable if you were a floating pair of breasts as well, wouldn't you? Guys would just be staring at you all day long. I was going to do a mosiac censory type thing, but then there'd just be a big pink flesh shaped blob, and it just didn't look as funny. And that giant walking ball of estrogen wouldn't be having a good time either, what with her giant purple ass. Come to think of it, she looks sorta like a reject grape thingy. You know those ones. The cheerful ones that keep trying to sell the blood of their fellow grapes so mothers will get their children to drink it. Traitors. Anyway, I've update the cast page with kat's profile. I have no idea about the estrogen and the breasts. You can make up your own backgrounds for them. Fuitad has returned to top web comics and all is right with the world. That means voting is back (c'mon! I'm not even on the top 150! 7 votes people!! What's up with that?!) and the forums should be okay. Looks like we shouldn't need to go back to ezboard, but there's the link just in case anything goes wrong. I'm note sure if we're supposed to use or, but I just retrospectively updated all the links and I'll be damned if I'm uploading all the newsposts again. Anyway, Threeboy said that is paid for another 5 years. I've got an e-mail from Zach of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comics, or just smbc I guess. Anyway, Check out his comics, they're tres funny. I'm still going through the archives myself but I'd say that this is one of my favourites so far. So, uh, update in the links page too I guess. Keir told me to pimp out his site some more since he's started updating again, so pimp pimpy pimpterton, pimpman. How's that keir? Oh, and he says he'll fill in with a guest strip while I'm drugged to the eyeballs and getting my teeth pulled, so you can expect that some time around june. Maybe october just to be sure. Alright, I'd better stop before this stream of consciousness newspost degenerates any further. I don't have any bizarre linkage, so enjoy the Tao of Geek by Litazia Tanxashira from the twc forums. I can't pin her down to just one, since she seems to wander a lot, but she's the one with the drow elfy thing in a bikini for an avatar. Actually, now that I think about it, she'd actually be in her forum. Duh. Lousy non thinkering brain. I won't forget this brain. You'll rue this day. Btw; Drastically retooled the archive. Apparently I'm not too bad at changing php, as long as someone else does it for me first. Gone is the trusty old dropdown list, and I think it'd be too much server strain to put it on every single page, so it's gone for good I guess. Anyway, now there's a nice big table containing an ordered list of every comic, plus the storylines. Trusty <ol> and <li> tags. Plus I remembered a few more rejected jokes for the storyline page. Let's see, 11 rejected jokes at 3 updates a week means almost another month of potential dragging on in the plot. Just like dbz!

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Good idea, Kat's first appearance! But no, wrong character

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[11:44] <Beerman> <ShoveX> beerman would you have gay sex for 2 million dollars?
[11:44] <Beerman> <Beerman> with who
[11:44] <Beerman> <Beerman> and do I have to pay all at once
[11:44] <Beerman> <Beerman> or can I pay in instalments
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