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239: Must stop drinking pepsi blue
Must stop drinking pepsi blue

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Umm.....right. I actually came up with edward about 6-7 months ago, but didn't have the art skills to make it come out the way I wanted it to look (I still don't). The end result is sortof a mishmash of the ideas I had, and the last panel especially is nothing like the way it appeared in my mind. That red line is a cut-through of the wall....apparently. It doesn't look good. And you can't really see edward's stylin' on the ice through all the snow and photoshop shotgun blasting. But believe me, in my mind it was truly kickin'. Panel two looks a lot like an assasination if you haven't seen the movie, but that lady does sit perfectly upright and looks pretty stupid. I can't remember if she had a beehive or some other random haircut, so I drew the beehive anyway. Aaaanyway, Ed's super special ultra secret origins can be found here. Well, the second part anyway. That origin is from Moth and m3w talking about texas judges, and the possibility of them carrying shotguns. Possibly one for each hand, dispensing SHOTGUN JUSTICE wherever they go. One for each hand led me to shotguns for hands, and there we go. Also, I haven't seen Edward Scissorhands for about 3 years, so I can't remember what his clothes and hair look like, but I do know they were black and complicated. Then the old lady is sitting in her rocking chair telling the story to her granddaughter. Then the handsome prince battled Darth Vader and turned out to be Gandalf's father. I tried out some Pepsi Blue today, and must admit it's not what I expected. It's like normal pepsi, just kinda flat. No real fizz, so you can chug it quickly. Also, it's blue. The blue was a lot more important than the flavour, apparently, since I spent most of the time holding it up to the light and giggling like an idiot. Speaking of an idiot, it's back to uni in about 5 days now and not only have I NOT worked on getting my sleeping pattern back to normal, I've actually gotten worse and have been going to bed at like 6am or some shit. It's only 3am now, so I'll make it an early night. I know you've all heard about Palladium (if you haven't, read up on it, damnit), but apparently that's only part of larger, even more evil conspiracy type thing. The tcpa. Go read more here. Honestly, only being allowed to install "approved" software? It's hard enough trying to get goddamn drivers that are XP certified FROM THE COMPANIES THEMSELVES, imagine how hard it'll be to fix every single piece of hardware AND software ALL AT ONCE. Goddamn commies. And don't you start the pro-mac shit either, because you know they'll follow the trend, just like they've always done. Oh we think different. We don't NEED office......okay maybe we do. But goddamn, our box is different from your box! No energy for ranting. Me sleep now. Keep up that sexy voting! I love you all! Especially those of you in the forum. Before I leave, I have to pimp out #rocketbox on It's the "official" channel of these guys over hyah, but has been pretty dead lately. I'm online around 7pm EST ~ 2am EST (I think I converted that right) for the next five days, it'll be random again when uni starts, so if you have any webcomic questions, or need advice/critiques on art and stuff, I'm happy to help. Spread the word to your webcomic making friends too. Bizarre Linkage. Did I mention that America as a whole needs a good solid slap in the face?
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