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243: Reused jokes are funny
Reused jokes are funny

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
You seriously have no idea of the brutal series of clusterfucks my first week of uni entailed....well maybe you might if you were on my irc channel. If it wasn't being screwed over by the faculty, it was being given the runaround in 40 degree (celsius) weather with an extra 10 kilos of books, and the offices are on the second floor every time. And the elevator is broken. And I'm being attacked by carnies. Since I was too busy letting my knees scream in agony, I didn't really come up with a joke, and just reused an old one. But it's dressed up like a new joke! I'm not lazy at all! It's a HOMAGE! HAHA! This is easy! Next I'll do a really crappy version of star wars, call it a homage and wait for the money to roll in. Take THAT, the system! Me: 1 System: 72,000. Well, shtank went down fridayish for as of yet unspecified reasons, but I'm blaming it on terrorism. That damn saddam has to be stopped. It's an outrage when I can't look at the secret porn I hide on the server from uni! OUTRAGE I say! Oh, and since my very special guest comic at shtank, Will aka sirdrunkenhobo has decided to come back and SAVE TEH DAY!!! Oh yeah! Shtank lives baby. So go enjoy the goodness. ENJOY IT I SAY. Also, a big shout out to my homie Tom Zisk, whoever you are. I've noticed you filling up my HD referrer stats, and wanted to thank you for your interest in our company. Unfortunately we're not hiring at the moment, but we'll keep your resume on file. And, uh, good work on keeping bookmarks to here on your hard drive. You can never have enough links to this site. Okay, heatstroke is starting to set in, so remember to do that voodoo that you do so well (vote) now that twc is working again, and visit the forum as well. Bizarre Linkage (read the description). That Tolkien guy was pretty ballsy, writing such a book in such conservative times.
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[11:51] <Raekwon> my dad had something like this, he had Hubble photos on his background, and this woman said they were sexual oriented and was coming onto her with them
[11:51] <Raekwon> The Eagle Nebula Photos = Penis
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