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247: I don't get it either
I don't get it either

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
KHHAAAAANNNNNN; (aka Addendum to newspost). Sorry for the lateness, but I actually made this strip on friday, right on schedule. Unfortunately a lightning strike on the phoneline wiped out my modem, so I had to wait till monday to take it into the shop, then the queers told me that I had to wait a week for them to "check" it, so now I'm using a spare modem we went out and bought

Ugh. Even by dropping midweek updates, this is still the best I come up with. Maybe those wisdom teeth they pulled out were actually my funny teeth, providing me with all the actual comic ideas and stuff. Good comic ideas, not the recent batch I've been having. Just to make it all official like, updates are now monday and friday (or variations around those days, depending on my week) until I can recharge my internal funny batteries. Maybe there's a wall socket I can plug them into or something. I actually got the idea for bob literal from one of my dad's stories, back from when he was running a lunchbar. Apparently the gist of the story was that someone ordered a cheeseburger and he was pretty busy or out of burger meat or something like that, so he slapped a slice of cheese into a bun and gave it to him. Thrilling, eh. I was too lazy to even change the cheeseburger to something else in the strip. And I know bob literal's english is funny. I pictured him in my mind having a russian type accent. This is actually the best out of my putrid batch of comic ideas, getting at least a 'heh' on my personal humour scale(tm). In case I haven't explained before, I decide which comics to make depending on how much they make me laugh. When I started out, I could have a great idea and be giggling like a fool the whole time I was drawing the thing. Lately I get an idea and have absolutely no humour related response whatsoever. I just go with it on a general approximation of my early (read: funny) material. So, yeah. I've apparently killed my sense of humour, and now have no way to rate these damn comics before I send them out blind onto the interweb. I need to do one of those 'How stella got her groove back' dealies. Except with me being stella. And groove being sense of humour.....and you'd better replace that her with him while you're at it. Here's a hint when I'm on a downhill slope; I'll start reusing old gags in the hopes of getting a pity laugh. "haha. I remember when that was funny. Ahh, better days". You know, like in season five of south park where killing kenny was just getting to be a chore. Despite all your great voting, we seem to be slowly going down to the lower 30s. Ah well. Maybe I should give up while I'm ahead. Uni life is alright so far, although I have less contact hours than last semester, it's somehow even more draining, so by the time I get back on an update day there's just no energy left to do anything. This is probably what's effecting the quality of the comics too, I'd suppose. Lack of funny and all. Anyway, I'm through bitching. Until next update anyway. You know the drill now. Forum, then there's your Bizarre Linkage

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[12:37] <Beerman> "As far as I'm concerned, war always means failure" - Jacques Chirac, President of France
[12:37] <Beerman> As far as France is concerned he's right.
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