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249: Controversy!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This is my attempt at webcomic type political humour. Oh, and it'll help if you take a look at this first (just ignore that mirror letter). Image courtesy of our old pal Fenris, who originally had it on his server as a 500k gif. I figured he wouldn't appreciate me sending people to keep downloading large files from him and eating up the bandwidth, so I converted it to jpeg. Plus all you dialup readers wouldn't be too happy either. And it would have been a pain in the ass to upload to shtank myself. And apologies to pvp and pa, naturally. Don't go and pull a slashdot on me now. All comic authors actually steal everything. But we'll keep this between you and me. Okay? Okay. Oh, and panel 4 was drawn, not copied. Flash makes quite the easy tool for emulating penny arcade. A lot better than ms paint, eh? In case you can't spot it, that's gabe wearing his 'got wang' shirt in the speech bubble. Not too much on the ol' kick in the face that is life. My information management class spent this week demonstrating they still can't manage information by shifting me from the 1pm friday tutorial, which was originally a 2pm tutorial until they double booked it, to the wednesday morning tutorial. This means I finish earlier on friday, but have to wake up earlier on wednesday. In precious precious sleep hours, that's not a viable tradeoff. Aaanyway. Too tired to be angry. Threeboy says that voting is all fixed up now, so teach them spriteys a lesson by NOT LETTING THEM CONSISTANTLY WHOOP MY ASS. ahem. I'm gonna go to sleep now. All this biting social commentary really takes it out of you. Before I give you your bizarre linkage, check out the work of Superham and Bruce Timm. You'll probably recognise Timm's work from the Batman, Superman, and a whole bunch of other DC animated series. Damnit I'm gonna learn how to draw like that one day, even if it kills me. Which it probably will, in some ironic pencil related accident most likely. Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage forum
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[12:13] <Astoreth> <ReikoKit> I know that herbal essences does NOT give you an orgasm,
[12:13] <ReikoKit> teehee
[12:13] <Astoreth> you didnt use the bottle the right way
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